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11 Appliance maintenance and


11.1 Cleaning


Before cleaning turn the

appliance off.

The appliance casing can be cleaned using

a mild liquid detergent with a damp cloth,

then a dry cloth to polish.


Do not use any form of abrasive

or solvent cleaner as you may

damage the paintwork.

11.2 Regular servicing

Regular servicing of the appliance is

important to the prolonged, safe and

efficient use of your appliance.


Incorrect or inadequate

servicing can severely affect the

safety of the appliance and can

lead to injury.

We recommend that your appliance is

serviced every year.

• Only use a competent person.

The service engineer should complete

the relevant Service Record on the

Benchmark Checklist after each service.

The Benchmark Checklist may be required

in the event of any warranty work and as

supporting documentation relating to home

improvements in the optional documents

section of the Home Information Pack.

To obtain service, please call your installer

or Glow-worm’s own service organisation.

11.3 Spare Parts

In order to guarantee the safe and

prolonged life of the product, insist that

only the manufacturer’s genuine spare

parts are used.

• Do not use reconditioned or copy parts

that have not been clearly authorised by


• If replacement parts are required contact

Glow-worm’s own service organisation

for advice using the telephone number


Tel: 01773 828100

or for approved stockist, visit www.glow-

• Please quote the name and model of the


The name and model badge is on the front


• If in doubt seek advice from the local

gas company or Glow-worm’s own

service organisation using the telephone

number below.

Tel: 01773 828100

11.4 Sealed Water Systems

The draining, refilling and pressurising

MUST be carried out by a competent

person approved at the time by the Health

and Safety Executive.

• Contact Glow-worm’s own service

organisation using the telephone

number below.

Tel: 01773 828100