Joyetech eGo-CC Clearomizer User Manual

Ego-cc manual

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Notice for Use

Thank for choosing Joyetech products! Please read this manual

carefully before use to ensure that your usage is correct. If you

require additional information or have questions about the product

or its use, please consult your local Joyetech agent, or visit our

website at

How to assemble

Firstly, screw the atomizer head onto the eGo-CC base; secondly,

screw the atomizer head cap over the atomizer head; thirdly, screw

on the clear atomizer tube; at last, the mouthpiece.

eGo-CC is the first generation of clear atomizer of Joyetech. The

transparent window is the highlight of eGo-CC, from where, the

liquid volume is very clear, so that you can refill the liquid in time.

And the upper air inlet allows the air inflow from upside and out

from upside as well, eliminating the risk of leakage at the bottom.

The atomizer head of eGo-CC is also changeable, just as the

classic eGo-C product. It can compatible with all the batteries of

eGo series.

eGo-CC Manual

Standard configuration

1× Mouthpiece

1× Clearomizer Tube

1× Clearomizer Base

1× Atomizer Head Cap

1× Atomizer Head

Product Parameters

Diameter: 14mm

Length: 80mm (including mouthpiece)

Liquid volume: 1.32ml

Clearomizer Base Atomizer Head Atomizer Head Cap Clearomizer Tube