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How to replace the atomizer head

Unscrew the clearomizer till the base is loosened, and then pull it

out. Please do not over screw it. And then unscrew the atomizer

head cap. Simple pull the atomizer out and assemble with a new

one. At last, screw the cap and base again to finish replacing.

How to add liquid

Pull the mouthpiece out, there is a hole in the atomizer tube,

simply fill the e-juice from the hole, you can accomplish the adding

of the liquid.


1. Only have your eGo-CC repaired by Joyetech. Do not attempt to

repair the unit by yourself as damage or personal injury may


2. Do not leave the eGo-CC in high temperatures or damp

conditions, otherwise it may be damaged. The appropriate

operation temperature is within 0 to45 while charging and

-10 to 60 while using.

3. Do not attempt to combine the eGo-CC with parts from other

brands of e-cigarettes. If it is damaged in this way, Joyetech

will not take responsibility and your warranty will be void.


Please consult your Joyetech product warranty card. We are not

responsible for any damages caused by human error. Our warranty

is not available for products purchased from third party vendors.

Joyetech (Shenzhen) Electronics Co., Ltd.





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