Optional accessories – NEMO Equipment LOSI 2 User Manual

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Optional Accessories

1. Footprint: The Footprint is a 70D abrasion-
resistant nylon fabric ground sheet perfectly sized
to fit underneath your tent. The fabric is PU coated
for waterproofness (10,000 mm). The Footprint
reduces wear and tear on your tent floor from
contact with the ground.

2. Pawprint™: The Pawprint™ is a removable liner
perfectly sized to fit inside your tent. It has the dual
function of protecting your tent floor from boots
and paws, and of adding serious comfort. The
Pawprint™ is made of a machine-washable brushed
polyester that is very soft to the touch. Place your
sleeping pads between the Pawprint™ and floor to
help them stay in place. With a clean, soft Pawprint™
under you, you might be able to save some weight
and travel with a lighter sleeping bag or blanket.

3. Gear Caddy: A Gear Caddy with Light Pockets™
and multiple organizing compartments is included
with every Losi 2P™ tent. A second optional Gear
Caddy can be added for even more storage at the
opposite end of the tent. The Light Pockets™ diffuse
light from your headlamp to cast an even glow over
the whole tent.

4. Gear Loft: The Losi 2P™ Gear Loft adds additional
overhead storage without compromising on floor
space or elbow room. The mesh Gear Loft is perfect
for drying clothes or stashing gear for quick access.
The Gear Loft also has two mesh gear storage
pockets and two Light Pockets™ that diffuse
light from your headlamp to cast an even glow
throughout the tent interior.