NEMO Equipment ASASH User Manual

NEMO Equipment Sports and recreation

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There is a reason why our logo resembles a
medieval shield. If you’ve ever seen an
authentic medieval shield or piece of armor,
the detail and quality of craftsmanship are
astonishing. Hours were spent shaping and
perfecting every component knowing the
gravity of purpose and the need for reliable
performance. At NEMO, we take the same
approach to quality. We know from our own
experience how vital a tent can be for
comfort and survival. Your tent is your home
in the wilderness and your armor against the
elements. We obsess over every design
decision to ensure you get the greatest
comfort and protection possible. Our
process begins with pencil and paper and
evolves methodically through computer
modeling, prototyping, testing and develop-
ment. We use all the latest tools, software,
manufacturing methods and materials. If we
aren’t happy with what’s available we make
our own. We strive to design and build the
best tents on the planet. We stand behind
our shield, the symbol of NEMO quality.

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