SkyRC Toro 8 X150 150A ESC for 1/8 Car User Manual

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When answering a question, you will need to move the trigger to yes (full throttle)
position or the no (full brake) position and keep it there for about 3 seconds. When the
ESC has accepted your answer it will confirm your reply by flashing the LED and emitting
a beeping tone. Release the trigger allowing it to go to Neutral to confirm that you are
ready for ESC to ask you next question. You are not required to continue through all nine
programming options. For example, if you wish only to change the Brake/Reverse Type
(Option 1) then after programming that setting you can disconnect power from the ESC
and you're ready to run. Disconnecting the controller in the middle of programming simply
retains the values for the remaining programming options that were previously set up.

The TORO 8 comes with a 30mm x 30mm x 7mm 5V
Brushless fan. Should the fan need replacement,
simply unplug the fans power wires from the TORO 8,
remove the 4 screws that secure the fan to the shroud
and slide the fan out of the shroud housing.



Rev/Brk/Brk or Fwd/Fwd

Brushless KV ≤ 2400



KV >

/Burst Current

Switching BEC


Weight (Without wires)



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Solution: Try moving the throttle trim one way, then the other (usually towards the
throttle side is best). If your transmitter has a 50/50 and 70/30 setting for the
throttle, set it for 50/50 and retry calibration. Also, if you have changed the
dead band to a narrower band you may want to try going back to the



Problem: My vehicle acts like it has turbo lag (poor acceleration/punch for the first
few feet or yards)

Problem: My TORO ESC may or may not arm, but it will not calibrate to my transmitter

Status LED

1 with 3 color (Red, Green & Orange)

Thermal Overload Protection



The TORO 8 Brushless ESC is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials or
workmanship for a period of ONE YEAR from the original date of purchase (verified by
dated, itemized sales receipt)
. Warranty does not cover incorrect installation,
components worn by use, damage to case or exposed circuit boards, damage due to
timing, damage from using more than 6 Li-Po cells input voltage, cross-connection of
battery/motor power wires, overheating solder tabs, reverse voltage application,
improper use or installation of external BEC, damage resulting from thermal overload
or short-circuiting motor, damage from incorrect installation of FET servo or receiver
battery pack, tampering with internal electronics, allowing water, moisture, or any other
foreign material to enter ESC or get onto the PC board, incorrect installation/wiring of
input plug plastic, allowing exposed wiring or solder tabs to short-circuit, or any damage
caused by a crash, flooding or natural disaster. Because SKYRC has no control over the
connection & use of the speed control or other related electronics, no liability may be
assumed nor will be accepted for any damage resulting from the use of this product.
Every SKYRC speed control & motor is thoroughly tested & cycled before leaving our
facility and is, therefore, considered operational. By the act of connecting/operating
speed control, user accepts all resulting liability. In no case shall our liability exceed
the product's original cost. We reserve the right to modify warranty provisions without
notice. This product is not intended for use by children under 14 years of age without
the strict supervision of an adult. Use of this product in an uncontrolled manner may
result in physical damage or injurise take extra care when operating any remote control

48.8x57.8x35.8mm (1.29x2.28x1.41in)

88g (3.1oz)


Solution: Most calibration issues can be solved by changing settings on the transmitter.
Make sure you have both your throttle and brake endpoints (called EPA or
ATV on your radio) on the throttle channel out to between 100 to 120%. Make
sure if you have a Futaba or Futaba made transmitter to have the throttle
channel set to the reversed position.

Problem: My ESC calibrates for the full throttle and full brake positions but won't
calibrate to the neutral throttle position. (Orange LED keeps flashing)

Solution: Make sure you're using high quality batteries and a battery connector capable
of high amp flow (40-100 amps). This behavior is very typical of a battery pack
that is having difficulty providing the power your vehicle/system requires for
top performance. Use copper bars to connect cells rather than welded tabs.
Copper bars have a much lower resistance.

Problem: My battery pack is plugged into the ESC and nothing is working

Solution: Make sure the ESC's receiver plug is plugged into channel 2 on the receiver,
and that it's plugged in with the correct orientation. Double check your solder
connections on the battery plug, and make sure the battery is showing good


Ver. 1.1

Ver. 1.1

Up to 6S(25.2Volt), for 1/8 monster trucks and truggies

Up to 4S(16.8Volt), ideal for 1/8 buggies

Controls, TORO 8

Motor Limits,TORO 8

0.0002 Ohms per phase at 25℃(77℉)Trans.Temp

150Amp / 950Amp

5.7V 3Amp

Brushless KV < 2300

On Resistance,



Up to 4S(16.8Volt), ideal for 1/8 buggies



80Amp / 500Amp

Input Power (Cells)



0.0004 Ohms per phase at 25℃(77℉)Trans.Temp

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