StorCase Technology Ultra160 I/O Kits User Manual

Infostation ii ultra160 i/o kits

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D89-0000-0176 Rev. A00

StorCase Technology, Inc.

InfoStation II Ultra160 I/O Kits

InfoStation II Ultra160 I/O Kits


Remove ALL power from the InfoStation II before removing the I/O module.

The I/O module contains NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS inside the unit.

Refer ALL servicing to qualified service personnel!


The I/O module is NOT hot-swappable! Remove ALL power to chassis

before removing and installing the I/O module.

Refer to both the InfoStation II User’s Guide and InfoStation II Installation

Guide for further information.

A #2 Phillips screwdriver will be required for this procedure.

The InfoStation II’s scalable backplane design allows additional I/O module and terminator kits

to be offered, supporting a variety of Ultra160 drive-to-channel configurations. Additional

I/O module kits (P/N S10A117) and I/O repeater module kits (P/N DXIFS-RPTR160-KIT) are

available to upgrade the single and dual-channel InfoStation II models to support a total of four

(4) Ultra160 channels.

Each I/O kit comes with an I/O module and terminator.

Figure 1: I/O Module Kit


Ultra160 I/O Module