Sim card error, Failure to connect to network, Weak signal – Doro PHONEEASY 338GSM User Manual

Page 26: Echo or noise, Failure to add a contact, Failure to set a function

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SIM card error

SIM card damaged

Check the condition of the SIM
card. If it is damaged, contact the
network operator.

SIM card incorrectly installed

Check the installation of the SIM
card. Remove the card and reinstall

SIM card dirty or damp

Wipe the contact surfaces of the
SIM card with a clean cloth.

Failure to connect to network

SIM card invalid

Contact the network operator.

No coverage of GSM service

Contact the network operator.

Signal too weak


Weak signal


Weak signal

Too far from base station

Try again from another location.

Network congestion

Try calling at a later time.

Echo or noise

Regional problem from bad network


Hang up and redial. This may
switch to another network relay.

Failure to add a contact

Phonebook memory full

Delete contacts to free up memory.

Failure to set a function

Function not supported or

subscribed from network

Contact the network operator.