AstroStart RSS-5224 User Manual

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When engine is running on a remote start, you can turn it off by performing a stop command.
This command also terminates panic mode and the alarm condition without disarming the security system.


In Low Temperature (Sentinel) mode, system starts your engine
automatically when the temperature falls below a preset level.
selon ce qui à été programmé lors de l’installation (le temps de
fonctionnement est doublé pour un véhicule à moteur diesel);
Engine will run for 2 min.

, 4 min.

, 8 min.

or 18 min.

depending on settings during installation (these

durations are doubled on diesel vehicles), after which the system will wait 2½ hours and then start the engine again if
temperature is still below preset level.

To activate/cancel Low Temperature mode, press

and buttons simultaneously.

When mode is activated:

Parking lights will flash 4 times, then, if temperature is below preset level, engine will start.
If temperature is above preset level, system will wait until it goes below the preset level before starting engine.
In the case of a manual transmission vehicle, the system must have detected a valid security sequence to allow the

activation of Low Temperature mode. (see “Safety sequence for manual transmission vehicles” on page 4).

If system cannot execute the command (for example, security sequence not valid, hood is open), the parking lights will flash

3 times.

When mode is cancelled:

Parking lights will flash twice to confirm that mode is cancelled. Applying brakes cancels Low Temperature mode.

The temperature threshold is set to 9

-5 °C (23 °F)

-20 °C (-7 °F)

-15 °C (5 °F)

-30 °C (-22 °F)