DNF Controls USP-RDC User Manual

Usp-rdc-8 & usp-rdc-16

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A new addition to DNF Controls’ field proven, trusted Universal Switch Panel product line,
the USP-RDC makes it easy to control and monitor Primary / Backup systems—

Emergency Bypass Switches, Break-In Switches, Signal Path Switches, Audio / Video

Routers, Content & Commercial Playout…….

Simplify Operation & Reduce Operator Error

Monitor and control the primary and backup system from a single tactile panel. Press one
button to command both systems simultaneously. Press another button to control only
Primary or only Backup. Give the operator control over only those functions required to do
the job.

In one location, tally both Primary and Backup statuses with text and color. When a Primary
/ Backup mismatch occurs, the assigned button changes to assigned color to quickly notify
the operator of a system error.

Press a button to turn off Redundant control and tally. Press another button to only view and
control Primary. Press it again to only view and control Backup to quickly and easily correct
system mismatch.

Replace Difficult to Support or Obsolete systems

The USP-RDC is an off-the-shelf solution that can be easily configured by personnel to meet
operational needs. Assign specific functions to specific keys. Use key color and text to help
operator easily identify Primary / Backup system status and errors. Easily add or remove
functions and status as staffing and operational needs change.

• Control Primary and Backup at the press of one button

• Monitor Primary and Backup status on the same button

• Visual Sync Error when Primary and Backup don’t match

• Select control of Primary or Backup only to fix sync error

• Visual Error for Primary or Backup failure

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