Wiring – Flowserve NRS 2-5 User Manual

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NRS 2-5

Use screened four-core cable, conductor size 0.8 mm², max. cable length 500 m for
the supply of the electrode.

Wire screw-type connector according to wiring diagram, Fig. 1



Screwdriver for slotted screws, size 2.5, completely insulated acc. to VDE 0680


To protect the relay contacts fuse the control circuit with T 2.5 A or
according to TRD regulations (1.0 A for 72 h operation).

The screen must not make any other electrical contact.

Important Note

Connect screen only to terminal A18 of the level switch.

The monitoring of the level electrode and the monitoring of the
connecting cable can be integrated in the safety circuit. For this
purpose connect the safety circuit to the relay output



The rated voltage is indicated on the name plate.

When switching off inductive loads, voltage spikes are produced that
may impair the operation of control and measuring systems.
Inductive loads should be provided with commercial arc
suppressor RC combinations, e. g. 0.1 µF/100


Wiring diagram

See wiring diagram page 2.