Foxconn FV-N71SM1DT User Manual

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This manual is the intellectual property of Foxconn, Foxconn reserves

the right to make changes at any time without notice.


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’s Manual V1.0 for GeForce series Graphics Card.

P/N: 91-181G880010-02

Symbol description:

Note: refers to important information that can help you to use graphics

card better.
Attention: indicates that it may damage hardware , and tells you how to

avoid such problems.
Warning: means that a potential risk of property damage or physical

injury exists.

WEEE: The use of the symbol indicates that this product may not be

treated as household waste. By ensuring this product is disposed of

correctly, you will help prevent negative consequences for the environ-

ment and human health, which could otherwise be cause by inappro-

priate waste handing of this product.

For more detailed information about recycling of this product, please

contact your local city office, your household waste disposal service or

the shop where you purchased the product.

FCC: This product has passed FCC certification.

CE: This product has passed CE certification.

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