Glyph Write Performance Windows XP User Manual

Introduction, Instructions

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Addendum 630012
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Windows XP and Vista Write Performance Problem

With Glyph FireWire Hard Drives

Addendum 630012

Draft 1


Date: 15/Nov/2007

1. Introduction

A Problem has been identified which affects any Glyph FireWire drive connected to a Windows XP or
Vista computer, that results in slow write speeds to the Glyph drive. The default Windows settings for
FireWire-connected drives can reduce your Glyph drive performance by as much as 90%. This problem is
easily corrected, just follow these instructions:

2. Instructions:

1. Connect the Glyph drive to your computer
via FireWire. To avoid
confusion, it is recommend that you
disconnect all other external drives.

2. Click on "Start"


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