Dell C Series User Manual

Battery charger, For dell latitute c series

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6. Warranty

This battery charger is warranted for one year from date of
purchase against defects in materials and workmanship.
During this period, those defects will be repaired or the
product will be replaced, at Lind’s option, with no charge.
This warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse,
neglect, and every day wear and tear. If you have any
problem, please contact our customer service department.

Under no situations will Lind be liable for any of the
followings: loss or damage to a computer; Any damage caused
by an attempted repair not authorized by Lind; any other
incidental or consequential damages caused by the user or the
user’s inability to use this product.

7. Customer Service

If you encounter a problem with this product, please contact
our customer service department at:

Telephone: 800-897-8996, 952-927-6303




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MN 55426 USA

1. Introduction
2. Safety Instructions
3. Operation
4. Certification
5. Specifications
6. Warranty
7. Customer Service

1. Introduction

The Lind Electronics’ battery charger is a highly advanced
battery charger that supports the battery packs of Dell C series
notebooks. It provides the best way to charge your Dell C
series battery packs safely and conveniently outside of the
notebook. It has two bays, so it can charge two battery packs
sequentially. For each bay, there is an LED that provides
information on the status of charging process. It also has built-
in circuitry that keeps the charging process safe and reliable.

2. Safety Instructions

The battery charger usually includes high-voltage circuits. This

Battery Charger

for Dell Latitute C series

Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

Copyright©2003. Smart Power Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.

battery charger is designed to have unmatched safety for

protecting users from shock and other hazards when used as

directed. Accordingly, it is important for users to read the

following instructions carefully.

• Do not charge non-rechargeable batteries like alkaline,

carbon-zinc, or non-rechargeable lithium.

• Remove all batteries from the charger before plugging in

AC/DC adapter.

• Make sure battery contacts are clean and there is no debris

in the charger.

• Do not short-circuit the contacts with metal objects.

• Use only with Dell 70W or 90W AC/DC adapter, or the AC/DC

adapter provided with this charger(optional).

• Put the battery tightly into the battery station to ensure

a good connection.

• Observe the charging status LED and stop servicing

immediately if it shows error signal (refer to the section 3.3).

• Always store the charger in a cool and dry area.

3. Operation

3.1. To power the charger, connect the DC tip of the AC

adapter to the socket on the back of the charger, then

plug the AC connector of the adapter into a properly

grounded outlet. The battery charger is ready to use.

3.2. Insert a battery pack into either bay.

The battery’s charging time will vary according to its

charge status and WHr capacity.

3.3. LED Status

Note: When the LED is red blinking, the internal circuit

automatically stops the charging process.

For safety purpose, remove the battery from the

charger bay and disconnect the DC power source from

the charger. The red blinking LED indicates that the

battery is faulty or excessively worn-out.

4. Certification

The battery charger is manufactured to comply with part 15 of

the FCC Rules.

5. Specifications

Charging Rate: 2.6A Max.

Charging Time: 1.5~2.5 hours for two batteries

Power Requirement: Dell 70W, 90 W AC/DC adapter

Operating Temperature: 32~104˚F ( 0 ~ 40˚C)

Protection for Safety: Over-temperature/current/voltage-protection

Dimensions: 6.7 x 4.7x 2.2 (inch) or 170 x 120 x 55 (mm)


LED signal


Charging Red


Fully charged


Charging complete

Under Voltage Fault

Red blinking Pack voltage < 10.0 V

Over Temperature Fault Red blinking

Pack temperature >117.5˚F(47.5˚C)

Constant charging

Red blinking Constant charging time >

time Fault

120 minutes