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Contravention of the owner’s copyright may also reduce the ability of Koga-Miyata to provide effective support for its equipment. All the technical
information, data and instructions contained in these operating instructions for operations that can and are to be performed, are up to date at
the time of editing. They contain our current knowledge and experience to the best of our understanding. We reserve the right to make technical
modifications arising from the further development of the range of the product presented in this manual. For this reason, no claims may be derived
from technical data, descriptions and illustrations.
Koga-Miyata reserves the right to make changes without notice to both this manual and to its products described within this manual. Nothing in
this manual represents any contractual or other commitment on the part of Koga-Miyata and should not be taken as such. All possible care has
been taken in the preparation of this publication. Contact Koga-Miyata for suggestions for improvement. This manual was written originally in
Dutch. A copy is available on written request.








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About this Specials book

This Specials book gives you extra information for the Specials bicycles from Koga-Miyata. This Specials book describes only the major parts of
the bicycle and the most common settings.
This Specials book is intended as a supplement to the instruction manual. All conditions and actions described in the instruction manual remain in