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Discs playable on this unit


Super Audio CDs

Super Audio CDs with the following logos indicated below can be
played on this unit.


Music CDs

Discs marked with the logo at right can be played in
this unit.




• Discs in special shapes (heart-

shaped discs, octagonal discs,
etc.) cannot be played. Do not
attempt to play them, as doing
so can damage the unit.

• Some discs and some recording formats cannot be played.
• Non-finalized discs cannot be played.


What is finalization?
Finalization is the process that makes recorded CD-R/CD-RW discs
playable on compatible players.

Holding discs

Do not touch the signal surface.

Cautions on handling

Before turning the power switch on

Check once again that all connections are correct and that there are
no problems with the connection cables.

• When leaving home for long periods of time, be sure to unplug the

power cord from the power outlet.

Proper ventilation

If the unit is left in a room full of the smoke from cigarettes, etc., for
long periods of time, the surface of the optical pickup may get dirty,
preventing it from receiving the signals properly.

About condensation

If there is a major difference in temperature between the inside of
the unit and its surroundings, condensation may form on parts inside
the unit, causing the unit to fail to operate properly.
If this happens, let the unit sit for an hour or two with the power off
and wait until there is little difference in temperature before using
the unit.

Cautions on using mobile phones

Using a mobile phone near this unit may result in noise. If that
occurs, move the mobile phone away from the unit when it is in use.

Moving the unit

Turn off the power and unplug the power cord from the power outlet.
Next, disconnect the cables connected to other system units before
moving the unit.

Loading discs

• Place the disc in the tray, label side up.
• Make sure the disc tray is fully open when inserting the disc.
• Place the discs flat, 12 cm discs in the outer tray guide (Figure 1), 8

cm discs in the inner tray guide (Figure 2).

Figure 1

12 cm disc

8 cm disc

Figure 2

Outer tray guide

Inner tray guide

• Place 8 cm discs in the inner tray guide without using an adapter.


• If you place a DVD or other disc that cannot be played by this unit in

the disc tray, the tray does not open/close for about 1 minute. When
that happens, press 5 after “Error” is displayed.

• If you place a disc that contains other than MP3 or WMA files, “No

File” is displayed.

Cautions on loading discs

• Only load one disc at a time. Loading two or more discs can damage

the unit or scratch the discs.

• Do not use cracked or warped discs or discs that have been repaired

with adhesive, etc.

• Do not use discs on which the sticky part of cellophane tape or labels

is exposed or on which there are traces of where labels have been
removed. Such discs can get caught inside the player and damage it.

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