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The RS is a small device with a lot of functionality when used
with the following Remote Audio products: BDSv3, MEONv2,
HOT STRIP, and SHUNT BOX. It remotely switches connected
devices ON/OFF and provides a low battery warning at three
user-selectable voltages. The lightweight, yet rugged,
powdercoated aluminum chassis can withstand a lifetime of use.
Its small size allows it to be placed virtually anywhere on the
bag or cart.

Connecting the RS
The RS utilizes a six pin Lemo-style circular connector that
allows it to interface with Remote Audio's BDSv3, MEONv2,
HOT STRIP, and SHUNT BOX. The Lemo-style connector is of
the push-pull locking type, and is keyed so it can only be
inserted one way. DO NOT attempt to disconnect the cable by
twisting or un-screwing; doing so will damage the connectors.

Low Battery Indicator
The illuminated toggle switch is a bi-color type that indicates
when your power source (typically a battery) falls below a
certain voltage level. This threshold voltage is selectable via a
switch inside the RS (fig 1).

When the battery voltage falls below the selected threshold, the
illuminated toggle will switch from Green to Red. Battery
voltage is influenced by the current draw of connected devices,
so some experimentation may be needed to find the correct
threshold for your setup.
To open the RS, remove the screw in the back panel and
separate the two halves of the shell. This will allow direct
access to the threshold switch.

Using the RS with the BDSv3 or SHUNT BOX
With the RS connected, and the BDSv3 or SHUNT BOX toggle
switch is in the OFF position, the RS controls the on/off circuit
of the connected device. This allows the device to be placed
deep in the bag or cart, out of the way. To turn the BDSv3 or
SHUNT BOX on or off with the RS, flip the RS's toggle to the
"ON" position. When on, the toggle switch will illuminate green
or red, depending on voltage. If the BDSv3 or SHUNT BOX
toggle switch is in the ON position, the RS will not turn off the
device. This can be used as a way to "lock" the BDSv3 or
SHUNT BOX in the ON position to prevent accidental power

Using the RS with the HOT STRIP and MEONv2
Flipping the toggle on the RS will turn the connected device
(HOT STRIP or MEONv2) on, and cause the associated LED
on the device to illuminate. This indicates that the RS is now
the "master", and powering ON and OFF can only occur
through the use of the RS's ON/OFF switch.

Items needing repair may be sent directly to:

Remote Audio Products
220 Great Circle Road, Suite 114
Nashville, TN 37228

Prior to returning any items, contact Remote Audio for an RA#






[email protected]

Limited Warranty

Remote Audio warrants the RS against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original retail

purchase. Remote Audio will repair or replace qualifying products at its discretion at no charge. Please visit our website for complete terms

and conditions or contact us at [email protected].

Actual Size

Connector Type:

Lemo-style 6-pin

Cable Length:

24 inches

Voltage Requirements: 9 - 20 VDC
Current Draw:

~20 mA


.7" x .88" x 1.7"

Rev 02/01/2012

Three voltages are available for
use with the most common
battery chemistries:

13V - for Lithium-Ion
11.5V - for Nickel-Metal Hydride*
11V - for Lead Acid ("Gel Cells")


* - Default Factory Setting)

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