Cleaning and maintenance, Descaling – DeLonghi EC-702 User Manual

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Before cleaning the outside of the appliance, always
turn off, unplug from the outlet and allow to cool.

About every 200 coffees, clean the filter holder for
ground coffee as follows:
• Remove the filter from the filter holder.
• Clean the inside of the filter holder. Never wash in a


• Remove the cap (fig. 20) by unscrewing in the

direction indicated by the arrow on the cap.

• Remove the filter from the container by pushing it

from the cap end.

• Remove the gasket.
• Rinse all components and clean the metal filter

thoroughly in hot water using a brush (fig. 21). Make
sure the holes in the metal filter are not blocked. If
necessary, clean with a pin (see fig. 22).

• Replace the filter and plastic disk on the gasket as

shown in fig. 23. Make sure to insert the pin on the
plastic disk into the hole in the gasket indicated by
the arrow in fig. 23.

• Replace the assembly in the steel filter container (fig.

24), making sure the pin is inserted in the hole in the
support (see arrow in fig. 24).

• Finally, screw on the cap.
Failure to clean as described above invalidates the

About every 200 coffees, the espresso boiler outlet
must be cleaned as follows:
• Make sure the appliance is not hot and that it is

unplugged from the socket;

• Using a screwdriver, unscrew the screw fixing the

espresso boiler outlet (fig. 25);

• Clean the boiler with a damp cloth;
• Clean the boiler outlet thoroughly in hot water using

a brush. Make sure the holes are not blocked. If
necessary, clean with a pin (fig. 22).

• Rinse under running water, rubbing all the time.
• Replace the espresso boiler outlet, making sure the

gasket is correctly positioned.

Failure to clean as described above invalidates the

1.Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaning products to

clean the appliance. A soft, damp cloth is sufficient.

2.Clean the filter holder, filters, drip tray and water

tank regularly.

IMPORTANT: during cleaning, never immerse the
espresso maker in water. It is an electrical appliance.


You must descale the coffee machine about every 200
Use the descaler provided only. To descale, proceed as
1.Fill the tank with 34 ounces (1 liter) of water;
2.Pour the contents of the descaler bottle provided

(250 ml) into the tank. For subsequent descaling
operations, descaling solution can be purchased
from authorized technical service centers.

3.Press the ON/OFF button (fig. 3) and wait for the

OK indicator light to come on.

4.Make sure the filter holder is not attached and

position a container under the boiler outlet.

5.Press the coffee button, half empty the tank and

every now and then rotate the steam knob to allow a
little of the solution to run off. Then interrupt by
pressing the coffee button again.

6.Leave the solution to work for about 15 minutes, then

run off the rest of the water in the tank.

7.To eliminate residues of the solution and scale, rinse

the water tank well, fill with clean water and replace
in its housing. Press the coffee button and operate the
appliance until the water tank is completely empty;

8.Press the coffee button again and repeat the last


Repair of damage to the espresso maker caused by
scale is not covered by the warranty unless descaling
is performed regularly as described above.