Panasonic SC-PM600 User Manual

Cd stereo system, Operating instructions, Supplied accessories

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Operating Instructions

CD Stereo System

Model No.




Thank you for purchasing this product.

For optimum performance and safety, please read these instructions carefully.

Please keep this manual for future reference.

“EB” indicates the United Kingdom model.





Manufactured by:

Importer for Europe:

Panasonic Corporation
Kadoma, Osaka, Japan
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
Panasonic Testing Centre
Winsbergring 11, 22525 Hamburg, Germany

Your system and the illustrations can look differently.

These operating instructions are applicable to the
following system.

Back of product

Supplied accessories

Check and identify the supplied accessories.


Use numbers indicated in parentheses when asking for
replacement parts. (Product numbers correct as of
January 2016. These may be subject to change.)

1 AC mains lead

1 DAB antenna

1 Remote control


1 AC mains lead

1 AM loop antenna

1 FM indoor antenna

1 Remote control

Safety precautions


• To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or product

– Do not expose this unit to rain, moisture, dripping or


– Do not place objects filled with liquids, such as vases,

on this unit.

– Use only the recommended accessories.
– Do not remove covers.
– Do not repair this unit by yourself. Refer servicing to

qualified service personnel.

– Do not let metal objects fall inside this unit.


• To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or product

– Do not install or place this unit in a bookcase, built-in

cabinet or in another confined space. Ensure this unit
is well ventilated.

– Do not obstruct this unit’s ventilation openings with

newspapers, tablecloths, curtains, and similar items.

– Do not place sources of naked flames, such as

lighted candles, on this unit.

• This unit is intended for use in moderate climates.
• This unit may receive radio interference caused by

mobile telephones during use. If such interference
occurs, please increase separation between this unit
and the mobile telephone.

• This unit utilizes a laser. Use of controls or adjustments

or performance of procedures other than those
specified herein may result in hazardous radiation

AC mains lead
• The mains plug is the disconnecting device. Install this

unit so that the mains plug can be unplugged from the
socket outlet immediately.

• Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced.

Replace only with the type recommended by the

• When disposing of the batteries, please contact your

local authorities or dealer and ask for the correct
method of disposal.

• Do not heat or expose to flame.
• Do not leave the battery(ies) in a car exposed to direct

sunlight for a long period of time with doors and
windows closed.

• Do not break open or short-circuit the battery.
• Do not charge the alkaline or manganese battery.
• Do not use the battery if the cover has peeled off.
• Remove the battery if you do not use the remote control

for a long period of time. Keep in a cool, dark area.





Indicate features applicable to SC-PM602.
Indicate features applicable to SC-PM600.




Main unit









Ű Amplifier section

RMS output power

Front Ch (both ch driven)

20 W per channel (6

ȍ), 1 kHz, 10% THD

Total RMS power

40 W

Ű Terminal section

Headphones jack


Stereo, 3.5 mm jack

Ű Tuner section


Preset memory

FM 30 stations

Frequency modulation (FM)

Frequency range

87.50 MHz to 108.00 MHz (50 kHz step)

Antenna terminals


ȍ (unbalanced)


Preset memory

FM 30 stations

AM 15 stations

Frequency modulation (FM)

Frequency range

87.50 MHz to 108.00 MHz (50 kHz step)

Antenna terminals


ȍ (unbalanced)

Amplitude modulation (AM)

Frequency range

522 kHz to 1629 kHz (9 kHz step)

520 kHz to 1630 kHz (10 kHz step)

Ű DAB+ section


DAB memories

20 channels

Frequency band (wavelength)


III (All region)

5A to 13F (174.928 MHz to 239.200 MHz)


*BER 4x10


Min requirement

–98 dBm

DAB external antenna


F - Connector (75


Ű Disc section

Disc played (8 cm or 12 cm)


Pick up


790 nm (CD)

MPEG-1 Layer 3, MPEG-2 Layer 3

Ű USB section

USB port

DC OUT 5V, 500 mA

USB standard

USB 2.0 full speed

Media file format support

MP3 (


USB device file system

FAT12, FAT16, FAT32

Ű Bluetooth






Ver. 2.1 + EDR


Class 2

Supported profiles


Operating frequency

2.4 GHz band FH-SS

Operation distance

10 m line of sight

Ű Speaker section

Speaker unit(s)


10 cm cone type x 1 per channel


6 cm cone type x 1 per channel




Dimensions (W x H x D)

145 mm x 224 mm x 197 mm


1.9 k


Ű General

Power supply

AC 220 V to 240 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption

17 W

Dimensions (W x H x D)

153 mm x 224 mm x 232 mm


1.4 k


Operating temperature range

0°C to +40°C

Operating humidity range

35% to 80% RH (no condensation)

• Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Mass and dimensions are approximate.

• Total harmonic distortion is measured by the digital

spectrum analyser.

Power consumption in standby mode

0.3 W (approximate)

Power consumption in standby mode
(With “BLUETOOTH STANDBY” set to “ON”)

0.4 W (approximate)

Overview of controls

Do the procedures with the remote control. You can also use the buttons on the main unit if they are the same.


Standby/on switch [

`], [1]

Press to switch the unit from on to standby mode or
vice versa. In standby mode, the unit is still consuming
a small amount of power.


Select the audio source
On the main unit:
To start Bluetooth


pairing, press and hold




Basic playback control


View the setup menu


View the content information


Select or confirm the option


Open or close the disc tray


Decrease the brightness of the display panel
To cancel, press the button again.


Adjust the volume level


Mute the sound
To cancel, press the button again.
“MUTE” is also cancelled when you adjust the volume
or when you switch off the system.


View the play menu


Select the sound effects


Display panel


Remote control sensor
Distance: Within approximately 7 m
Angle: Approximately 20° up and down, 30° left and



Headphones jack ( )
Plug type: Ø 3.5 mm stereo (not supplied)
– Excessive sound pressure from earphones and

headphones can cause hearing loss.

– Listening at full volume for long periods may

damage the user’s ears.


USB port (



Disc tray

Preparing the remote control

Use alkaline or manganese battery.

Install the battery so that the poles (+ and –) align with
those in the remote control.

(not supplied)

About Bluetooth


Frequency band
• This system uses the 2.4 GHz frequency band.

• This system conforms to the frequency restrictions and

has received certification based on frequency laws.
Thus, a wireless permit is not necessary.

• The actions below are punishable by law:

– Taking apart or modifying the main unit.
– Removing specification indications.

Restrictions of use
• Wireless transmission and/or usage with all Bluetooth


equipped devices is not guaranteed.

• All devices must conform to standards set by Bluetooth

SIG, Inc.

• Depending on the specifications and settings of a

device, it can fail to connect or some operations can be

• This system supports Bluetooth


security features. But

depending on the operating environment and/or
settings, this security is possibly not sufficient. Transmit
data wirelessly to this system with caution.

• This system cannot transmit data to a Bluetooth



Range of use
• Use this device at a maximum range of 10 m.
• The range can decrease depending on the environment,

obstacles or interference.

Interference from other devices
• This system may not function properly and troubles

such as noise and sound jumps may arise due to radio
wave interference if this unit is located too close to
other Bluetooth


devices or the devices that use the

2.4 GHz band.

• This system may not function properly if radio waves

from a nearby broadcasting station, etc. is too strong.

Intended usage
• This system is for normal, general use only.
• Do not use this system near an equipment or in an

environment that is sensitive to radio frequency
interference (example: airports, hospitals, laboratories,


For the United Kingdom and Ireland

Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

Hereby, “

Panasonic Corporation” declares that this

product is in compliance with the essential requirements
and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.

Customers can download a copy of the original DoC to
our R&TTE products from our DoC Server:
Contact to Authorised Representative: Panasonic
Marketing Europe GmbH, Panasonic Testing Centre,
Winsbergring 11, 22525 Hamburg, Germany

Placement of speakers

The left and right speakers are the same.

Use only the supplied speakers.
You can cause damage to the system and decrease the
sound quality if you use other speakers.

• Keep your speakers more than 10 mm from the main unit for


• Put the speakers on a flat safe surface.
• These speakers do not have magnetic shielding. Do not put

them near TVs, PCs or other equipment easily influenced by

• When you play at high levels for a long period, it can cause

damage to the speakers and decrease the life of the

• Decrease the volume in these conditions to prevent

– When the sound is distorted.
– When you adjust the sound quality.

• To prevent damage to the speakers, do not touch the

speaker cones if you remove the nets.

Panasonic cannot be held responsible for data and/or
information that can possibly be compromised during a
wireless transmission.

The Bluetooth


word mark and logos are registered

trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of
such marks by Panasonic Corporation is under license.
Other trademarks and trade names are those of their
respective owners.

MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology licensed from
Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson.


Use the speakers only with the recommended
system. If not, you can cause damage to the
amplifier and speakers and can cause a fire. Consult
an approved service personnel if damage occurs or
if there is a sudden apparent change in

Do the procedures included in these instructions
when you attach the speakers.

Caution for AC mains lead

(For the AC mains plug of three pins)

For your safety, please read the following text carefully.

This appliance is supplied with a moulded three pin mains
plug for your safety and convenience.
A 5-ampere fuse is fitted in this plug.
Should the fuse need to be replaced please ensure that
the replacement fuse has a rating of 5-ampere and that it
is approved by ASTA or BSI to BS1362.

Check for the ASTA mark

or the BSI mark on the

body of the fuse.

If the plug contains a removable fuse cover you must
ensure that it is refitted when the fuse is replaced.
If you lose the fuse cover the plug must not be used until a
replacement cover is obtained.
A replacement fuse cover can be purchased from your
local dealer.

Before use
Remove the connector cover.

How to replace the fuse
The location of the fuse differ according to the type of AC
mains plug (figures A and B). Confirm the AC mains plug
fitted and follow the instructions below.
Illustrations may differ from actual AC mains plug.

1. Open the fuse cover with a screwdriver.

2. Replace the fuse and close or attach the fuse cover.

Sales and Support Information

For the United Kingdom and Ireland

Customer Communications Centre
• For customers within the UK: 0344 844 3899
• For customers within Ireland: 01 289 8333
• Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm (Excluding public


• For further support on your product, please visit our


Direct Sales at Panasonic UK
• Order accessory and consumable items for your

product with ease and confidence by phoning our
Customer Communications Centre Monday – Friday
9:00am – 5:00pm (Excluding public holidays).

• Or go on line through our Internet Accessory ordering

application at

• Most major credit and debit cards accepted.
• All enquiries transactions and distribution facilities are

provided directly by Panasonic UK.

• It couldn’t be simpler!
• Also available through our Internet is direct shopping for

a wide range of finished products. Take a browse on our
website for further details.

Figure A

Figure B

Figure A

Figure B

Fuse cover

Fuse (5 ampere)

Fuse (5 ampere)

Disposal of Old Equipment and Batteries
Only for European Union and countries with recycling

These symbols on the products, packaging,
and/or accompanying documents mean that
used electrical and electronic products and
batteries must not be mixed with general
household waste.
For proper treatment, recovery and recycling
of old products and used batteries, please
take them to applicable collection points in
accordance with your national legislation.
By disposing of them correctly, you will help
to save valuable resources and prevent any
potential negative effects on human health
and the environment.
For more information about collection and
recycling, please contact your local
Penalties may be applicable for incorrect
disposal of this waste, in accordance with
national legislation.

Note for the battery symbol (bottom
This symbol might be used in combination
with a chemical symbol. In this case it
complies with the requirement set by the
Directive for the chemical involved.

Limited Warranty (Australia)

1. The product is warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase. Subject to the conditions of this warranty Panasonic or its

Authorised Service Centre will perform necessary service on the product without charge for parts or labour, if in the opinion of
Panasonic, the product is found to be faulty within the warranty period.

2. This warranty only applies to Panasonic products purchased in Australia and sold by Panasonic Australia or its Authorised

Distributors or Dealers and only where the products are used and serviced within Australia or it’s territories. Warranty cover
only applies to service carried out by a Panasonic Authorised Service Centre and only if valid proof of purchase is presented
when warranty service is requested.

3. This warranty only applies if the product has been installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s

recommendations (as noted in the operating instructions) under normal use and reasonable care (in the opinion of Panasonic).
The warranty covers normal domestic use only and does not cover damage, malfunction or failure resulting from use of
incorrect voltages, incorrect installation, accident, misuse, neglect, build-up of dirt or dust, abuse, maladjustment of customer
controls, mains supply problems, thunderstorm activity, infestation by insects or vermin, tampering or repair by unauthorised
persons (including unauthorised alterations), introduction of sand, humidity or liquids, commercial use such as hotel, office,
restaurant, or other business or rental use of the product, exposure to abnormally corrosive conditions or any foreign object or
matter having entered the product.

4. This warranty does not cover the following items unless the fault or defect existed at the time of purchase:

(a) Cabinet Part(s)

(e) DVD, Blu-ray or Recordable Discs

(b) Video or Audio Tapes

( f ) Video / Audio Heads from wear and tear in normal use

(c) SD cards or USB devices

(g) Information stored on Hard Disk Drive, USB stick or SD card

(d) User replaceable Batteries

(h) DTV reception issues caused by TV Aerial / Cabling / Wall socket(s) etc

5. Some products may be supplied with Ethernet connection hardware. The warranty is limited on such products and will not cover

(a) Internet and or DLNA connection / setup related problems
(b) Access fees and or charges incurred for internet connection
(c) The use of incompatible software or software not specifically stipulated in the product operations manual; and
(d) Any indirect or consequential costs associated with the incorrect use or misuse of the hardware, its connection to the

internet or any other device.

6. To claim warranty service, when required, you should:

Telephone Panasonic’s Customer Care Centre on 132600 or visit our website referred to below and use the Service
Centre Locator for the name / address of the nearest Authorised Service Centre.

Send or take the product to a Panasonic Authorised Service Centre together with your proof of purchase receipt as a
proof of purchase date. Please note that freight and insurance to and / or from your nearest Authorised Service Centre
must be arranged by you.

Note that home or pick-up / delivery service is available for the following products in the major metropolitan areas of
Australia or the normal operating areas of the nearest Authorised Service Centres:

Plasma / LCD televisions / displays (screen size greater than 103 cm)

7. The warranties hereby conferred do not extend to, and exclude, any costs associated with the installation, de-installation or

re-installation of a product, including costs related to the mounting, de-mounting or remounting of any screen, (and any other
ancillary activities), delivery, handling, freighting, transportation or insurance of the product or any part thereof or replacement
of and do not extend to, and exclude, any damage or loss occurring by reason of, during, associated with, or related to such
installation, de-installation, re-installation or transit.

Panasonic Authorised Service Centres are located in major metropolitan areas and most regional centres of Australia, however,
coverage will vary dependant on product. For advice on exact Authorised Service Centre locations for your product, please
telephone our Customer Care Centre on 132600 or visit our website and use the Service Centre Locator.

In addition to your rights under this warranty, Panasonic products come with consumer guarantees that cannot be excluded under
the Australian Consumer Law. If there is a major failure with the product, you can reject the product and elect to have a refund or
to have the product replaced or if you wish you may elect to keep the goods and be compensated for the drop in value of the
goods. You are also entitled to have the product repaired or replaced if the product fails to be of acceptable quality and the failure
does not amount to a major failure.

If there is a major failure in regard to the product which cannot be remedied then you must notify us within a reasonable period by
contacting the Panasonic Customer Care Centre. If the failure in the product is not a major failure then Panasonic may choose to
repair or replace the product and will do so in a reasonable period of time from receiving notice from you.

If you require assistance regarding warranty conditions or any other enquiries, please visit the

Panasonic Australia website or contact by phone on 132 600

If phoning in, please ensure you have your operating instructions available.

Panasonic Warranty



Panasonic Australia Pty. Limited

ACN 001 592 187 ABN 83 001 592 187

1 Innovation Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113

PRO-031-F11 Issue: 4.0


Making the connections

Connect the AC mains lead only after all the other
connections have been made.





Connect the DAB antenna.
Be sure to tighten fully the nut.

Do not use any other DAB antenna except the
supplied one.
Use an outdoor antenna if the reception is poor.


Connect the FM indoor antenna.
Place the antenna where reception is best.

Connect the AM loop antenna.
Stand the antenna up on its base until it clicks.


Connect the speakers.


Connect the AC mains lead.

Do not use an AC mains lead from other equipment.

Conserving power
The system consumes a small amount of power

Z“Specifications”) when it is in standby mode.

Disconnect the power supply if you do not use the
Some settings will be lost after you disconnect the
system. You have to set them again.













Adhesive tape
(not supplied)

Adhesive tape
(not supplied)

Be careful not to cross
(short-circuit) or reverse
the polarity of the speaker
wires as doing so may
damage the speakers.

(For the AC mains plug of three pins)
READ THE “Caution for AC mains lead” BEFORE







To household
mains socket

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