What’s in the box, Setting up your mi 2 band – Xiaomi Mi Band 2 User Manual

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What’s in the box

Your Mi 2 Band box includes:

Setting up your Mi 2 Band

Before you begin: Ensure your tracker is fully charged before

commencing set up. Using the supplied charging cable, insert the Mi 2

tracker into the cradle with the two gold plated connectors first. Connect

the USB end of the cable to your computer or power adapter. The

tracker will display a battery icon for 3 seconds. To fully charge the

tracker typically takes about 2-3 hours. You can check on progress by

tapping the touch button on the tracker.

Insert your tracker into the rear of the strap. Insert the bottom edge

of the tracker first. Press down on the top of the tracker to lock into


Place the Mi 2 Band on your wrist. Slide

the band containing the pin through the

band loop and snap into a comfortable


The Tracker

Sport Strap (Black)

Charging Cable