Using your mi 2 band – Xiaomi Mi Band 2 User Manual

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Download the “Mi Fit” app for iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play to

set up your Mi 2 Band.

Using your Mi 2 Band



Heart Rate



Open the Mi Fit app on your phone and select

“Add Device”. Choose “Mi Band” from the

devices list. Mi Fit will now search for your


Once found your Mi 2 Band will vibrate and ask

you to tap the touch button. Now the set up is

complete. Your Mi 2 Band will display the time

whilst the Mi Fit app will display your health

data and options for customising your Mi 2


Important: Bluetooth must be enabled on your


For iOS

Home screen > Settings > Bluetooth > Bluetooth toggle


For Android

Home screen > Apps > Settings > Wireless and

networks > Bluetooth toggle button

Now your Mi 2 Band is set up tap the touch button to display the current time. Press twice for

the number of steps you have completed and again to see your heart rate. The Mi Fit app

syncs with your Mi 2 Band automatically to provide even more data, and allow you to set a

variety of alarms and alerts.