Nikon D500 User Manual

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SnapBridge Connection Guide (iOS)




SnapBridge Connection Guide (iOS)

Read this guide for information on using SnapBridge to pair your cam-
era with your iOS device and on what to do when the SnapBridge Wi-Fi
prompt is displayed.

Get SnapBridge Now!

Get SnapBridge Now!

Use SnapBridge to control the camera remotely from your iOS device and
download pictures from the camera.

Download It Free Today!

Download It Free Today!
SnapBridge is available free-of-charge from the Apple
App Store® and from the following website:

Visit the Nikon website for the latest SnapBridge news.


Online Help

For information on using SnapBridge, select the SnapBridge Other tab and tap
Info/settings > Instructions to view online help.



To use SnapBridge, you must pair the camera with your iOS device (the
camera illustrations that follow show the D500). Note that the actual
camera and smart device displays may diff er from those shown below.


Before Pairing

Before pairing, confi rm that there is space available on the camera memory card. To
prevent unexpected interruptions, you should also check that the batteries in the
camera and iOS device are fully charged.