Honeywell GSS Series User Manual

Gss gss series global safety switch

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• The information presented in this product sheet (or catalogue) is for reference only. DO NOT USE this document as system

installation information.

• Complete installation, operation and maintenance information is provided in the instructions supplied with each product.

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GSS Series


GSS Series
Global Safety Switch

• EN 50041 and EN 50047 mounting and


• Designed to IEC electrical standard for

world-wide use in guarding applications

• Positive opening operation of NC

(Normally Closed) contacts conforming
to IEC /EN 60947-5-1-3

• Available with a wide range of positive

opening contacts

• Rugged housing (Zinc Die-cast)
• Tamper resistant design uses TORX®

head security screw

• Full range of actuator heads and levers

suitable for safety applications

• Sealing up to IP 67, NEMA 1, 4, 12 & 13
• Snap action and slow action basic


• International conduit sizes
• Galvanically isolated contacts
• UL listed; CSA and CE certified, BG


• Red body colour for easy safety


• Standard mounting and characteristics
• Globally available and accepted
• Welded NC contacts will separate – vital

security in safety applications

• Range of actuation methods for

detecting safety conditions in guarding
and machine status applications

• Wiring and body flexibility
• Suitable for inductive switching and

safety relay interfaces

• Signalling and power/safety circuits may

be different polarities or voltages

• Immediately recognisable in the

application as a safety component

GSS Series products may be used alone as Category 1 per EN 954-1 safety compo-
nent. In conjunction with other safety switches and our complete range of safety
control modules, it is possible to construct comprehensive protection schemes
with Category 2, 3 or 4 compliance per EN 954-1.

Honeywell’s design experience has resulted in a brand new patented concept in
safety switching techniques. The sequential safety switch incorporates positive
opening on the downward stroke of each NC sequence point. This allows the user to
have both a warning signal and a stop signal. With this information a door can be
closed before it stops a machine or settings adjusted to stop excessive movement
thus avoiding down time.

In today’s demanding age of low energy controls, electromechanical switches are
frequently used to interface directly with safety relays, PLCs and other low energy
devices. To accommodate this requirement GSS offers gold plated contact versions
of the standard basic switch. This improves reliability of switching at low currents
and voltages, by protecting the contact surfaces from contamination during opera-
tion or storage prior to use.

Standard silver contacts have a disadvantage in that the contact surface may tar-
nish under certain environmental conditions e.g. in the presence of moisture.

Low energy basic switches are rated as follows:

Operating Voltage U


1 to 50 Vac or Vdc

Operating Current I




A to 100 mA