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Performing a recovery


You can recover only files that you have previously backed up. HP recommends that you use

HP Recovery Manager to create an entire drive backup as soon as you set up your computer.

Recovery Manager software allows you to repair or restore the system if you experience system failure
or instability. Recovery Manager works from recovery discs that you create or from a dedicated recovery
partition (select models only) on the hard drive. However, if your computer includes a solid-state drive
(SSD), you may not have a recovery partition. If that is the case, recovery discs have been included
with your computer. Use these discs to recover your operating system and software.


Windows has its own built-in repair features, such as System Restore and driver roll-back

capabilities. If you have not already tried these features, try them before using Recovery Manager.


Recovery Manager recovers only software that was preinstalled at the factory. Software not

provided with this computer must be downloaded from the manufacturer's Web site or reinstalled from
the disc provided by the manufacturer.

Recovering from the recovery discs

To restore the system from the recovery discs:


Back up all personal files.


Insert the first recovery disc into the optical drive and restart the computer.


Follow the on-screen instructions.

Recovering from the recovery discs