Backup suggestions – HP CQ45-323TX User Manual

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Backup suggestions

Create a set of recovery discs using Recovery Manager.

Create system restore points using the Windows® System Restore feature, and periodically copy
them to disc.

Store personal files in the Documents folder and back up this folder periodically.

Back up templates stored in their associated programs.

Save customized settings in a window, toolbar, or menu bar by taking a screen shot of your settings.
The screen shot can be a time-saver if you have to reset your preferences.

To copy the screen and paste it into a word-processing document, follow these steps:


Display the screen.


Copy the screen:

To copy only the active window, press

alt+fn+prt sc


To copy the entire screen, press

fn+prt sc



Open a word-processing document, and then select Edit > Paste.

Backup suggestions