Troubleshooting, Disposal – Hilti WSR1000 User Manual

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Possible cause

Possible solution

The tool doesn’t start

Fault in the electric power supply

Plug in another electric tool and check
whether it starts

Defective supply cord or plug

Have it checked by an electrical
specialist and replace if necessary

Switch defective

Have it checked by an electrical
specialist and replace if necessary

Tool doesn’t produce full

Cross-section of the

Use an extension cord of adequate cross-


extension cord is inadequate

sectional area. See section “Preparation
for use”

Stroke rate regulator set to "low”

Set stroke rate regulator to position 4

Ẋ )

Control switch is not pressed fully

Press the control switch as far as it will go

Saw blade cannot be

Locking sleeve not turned

Turn locking sleeve as far as it

removed from the blade clamp

as far as it will go

will go and remove saw blade


Most of the materials from which Hilti power tools are manufactured can be recycled. The materials must be cor-
rectly separated before they can be recycled. In many countries, Hilti has already made arrangements for taking
back your old electric tools for recycling. Please ask your Hilti customer service department or Hilti sales repre-
sentative for further information.
Should you wish to return the electric tool yourself to a disposal facility for recycling, proceed as follows: Dismantle
the tool as far as possible without the need for special tools. Use absorbent paper to wipe lubricated parts clean
and to collect the grease that runs out (total quantity approx. 50 ml). This paper should also be disposed of cor-
rectly. On no account should grease be allowed to enter the waste water system or to find its way into the

The individual parts should be separated as follows:

Part / assembly

Main material


Toolbox Plastic Plastic
Outer casing

Plastic / elastomer


Gear housing

Magnesium alloy

Scrap metal


Plastic Plastic



Electronics scrap

Fan Plastic


Motor (rotor and stator)

Steel and copper

Scrap metal

Supply cord

Copper, elastomer sheath

Scrap metal

Gearing parts


Scrap metal

Screws, small parts


Scrap metal