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Belkin N300 User Manual, 50 pages
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Belkin N300

Belkin N300 is a very basic router with an excellent performance. Featuring Wi-Fi N technology it provides greater bandwidth, greater speed and longer range of Wi-Fi network. Such router becomes a necessity, given the fact that you connect more devices to the home network. You want to download music, games, high definition video, send e-mails. The Belkin N300 is able to effectively manage all of these connections in your home, as it has a strong Wi-Fi signal. Multiple streams of data can be transmitted simultaneously as the N300 supports MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) data transfer. All members of your family can have access to Internet with no damage to communication. All devices function sustainably at any distance from the router and in the place where they are installed. The N300 offers wireless speed of up to 300Mbps.

The Belkin N300 is compatible with Windows 7 and features Parental Controls allowing parents to control computer use of their children. You can set a limit of time for your children, control game content with account of age level, restrict the Web sites for them to visit, and keep your children from specific programs on the computer. All this is quite important for behavioral and psychological tuning of your children.

The Belkin N300 is very easy to set up, and its security settings provide you with safe and reliable running. This router comes with a powerful Firewall protection system keeping your computer secure from unauthorized access. In addition the Belkin N300 has an integrated Self-Healing application, that is it able to detect and fix when anything is wrong and then, without your involvement, the router makes necessary repairing adjustments and restore itself to standard functioning.

The Belkin N300 router has 2 years warranty. The box includes The Belkin N300 Wireless N Router, a networking cable, a setup CD, User Manual and Power Supply.

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