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Britax Marathon

The Britax Marathon child car seat is a solid choice from a worldwide Britax company producing childcare safety products. Britax is a recognized and trusted brand which has won many official awards, not to mention the gratitude of parents, as the company’s products provide greater comfort and safety for children with the Britax concentration on children’s health and great attention to every detail of products produced.

Britax Marathon is a convertible car seat, meaning that it is designed to be used both as rear-facing with the weight limits from 5 to 40 lbs and as front-facing for the weight limits from 20 to 65 lbs. Possibility to install a car seat facing the rear of the car is especially important for babies, who in case of most dangerous frontal collisions can be severely injured, as a child’s head, large enough relative to body, abruptly leans forward and then back, which can lead to rupture of the cervical spine and death. The same load on the child facing the rear of the car is almost completely absorbed by a car seat.

In the Britax Marathon car seat, resembling a deep shell, your child will be fully and efficiently protected due to use of the inbuilt SaveCell Impact Protection system, providing efficient absorption of crash impact with keeping secure your child’s head and neck. The safety system, surrounding your child, ensures full protection from side impacts. All components of the SaveCell system, including a steel frame, providing stability; a base, absorbing impact force; a tether, having an advanced two-strap design; and three layers of protection from side forces work in harmony, giving your child protection of the highest level. This convertible car seat has a 5-point harness, not letting the straps to twist and allowing you to easily put a child into the car seat.

The Britax Marathon baby’s car seat is really very comfortable for children and for parents as well, which is very important too. It is clear that if a child feels uncomfortable, cold or hot, annoyed or trying to open the lock on the straps, it distracts the attention of a driver and can cause an accident. In this respect there is no question to Britax Marathon and a lot of customers prove the quality of this car seat as excellent.

The Britax Marathon car seat is not light. Its weight is 30.1 lbs. It is pricey, but in any event the safety of your child is priceless.

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