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The Canon EOS Rebel T1i released in May 2009, belongs to a Canon line of single-lens digital reflex cameras, and in different regions it is known under different names. If for the North America it is the EOS Rebel T1i, in Europe - the EOS 500D, in Japan - the EOS Kiss X3.

The EOS Rebel T1i resembles its predecessor, the EOS Rebel XSi in size, and weighs almost the same. Being identical to the XSi externally, the EOS T1i differs only in details, namely, availability of the HDMI connector, input for the microphone, as well as a brilliant silvery dial on the top panel (instead of black).

As for the features the comparative analysis shows, that the T1i is a more advanced camera. The sensor resolution has increased from 12.2 to 15.1 megapixels. Formally, it can be thought as a plus, but the increase in the number of megapixels has both positive and negative sides. From one side it leads to the increase of the image resolution, but from the other, it results in the narrowing of the matrix dynamic range and the increase of the noise level. In addition, the processor has to process larger amounts of information that, in principle, reduces the rate of work. However, a new DIGIC IV processor in the T1i is faster than the XSi’s DIGIC III, so the speed of the T1i remained at almost the level of the XSi.

The EOS T1i features a 3-inch LCD display with 921,000-pixel resolution versus 230,000 pixel for the XSi. There is the Face Detection ability in the T1i, as one of the options for the AF mode in the Live View function. The T1i maximum sensitivity increased to ISO 3200 (the XSi has 1600). You are able to select one of the four levels of noise reduction (the XSi has only the "on/off" option), as well as one of the four levels for Auto Lighting Optimizer.

One of the most important functions of the Rebel T1i, which deserves your attention, is Full HD video shooting. The T1i is the second Canon SLR, which offers such an opportunity after the EOS 5D Mark II. The camera offers you a choice of HD video quality -1080p or 720p. If you select the last option video recording is longer. This is a significant and long-awaited feature, though frustrating, as in the 1080p mode the shooting speed is only 20 frames per second instead of 30 ones, when shooting is in the 720p mode. Perhaps the best solution would be not to use the 1080p and prefer the 720p mode for getting optimum results.

There are other changes as compared to the XSi model, for example, the menu and the control system. And not just the obvious changes, associated with the availability of new functions or changing the set of parameters, but also in the principles of control.

So, now the camera settings can be changed directly on the screen. In the EOS XSi the monitor is passive and operates as an information panel. It displays a set of parameters, but you cannot activate and change settings, you must either use function keys, or enter the menu.

A large three-inch high resolution display provides an excellent picture, which is clear, detailed, and well perceived at large angles (though in direct sunlight images are not seen well). Looking at the screen, you can even appreciate the exposure and color reproduction of images, which is not always true for digital cameras’ displays. Almost a million points, creating an image, can help you not only to see what the picture is like, but also to arrange a slide show, that should appeal to the target audience of this camera.

The viewfinder and the focus system of the T1i is the same as of its predecessor: the 95% frame coverage and the 0.87x increase, focusing is performed by 9 points. The T1i runs from the same battery pack of LP-E5 as the previous camera. Although new technologies implemented in the camera do not affect the battery life in the best way possible. As Canon declares, the camera can take up to 400 shots between charges if you use the flash in 50% cases, but not 500 shots as the XSi does in exactly the same shooting conditions.

The speed of continuous shooting slightly decreased, from 3.5 frames per second (the XSi) to 3.4 frames per second (the T1i). But at such speed the T1i can shoot up to 170 JPEG images of high quality or up to 9 RAW files.

The digital SLR Canon Rebel T1i is primarily intended for amateurs, for whom it is of crucial importance the intelligent control system, as well as many customized settings, making the camera convenient in use. The 15-megapixel CMOS-sensor, a powerful graphics processor and 9-point AF system provides high quality of the images. The superior performance of the camera Canon T1i makes it one of the most prominent models in the segment of amateur DSRLs.