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Semi-professional Canon Rebel XSi is one the most popular digital cameras ever go out. And there are good reasons. All the best of its predecessors have been collected and improved in the Rebel XSi. The camera equipped with a 12.2-megapixel CMOS-sensor will reward its owner with perfect quality pictures. The Rebel XSi offers accurate color reproduction, clarity, lack of side effects, plus easy handling. Integrated matrix cleaning system allows you to no longer worry about the "purity" of shooting. Canon Rebel XSi takes care by itself. This system works in three different ways: prevents dust appearance (due to design features), repels dust (using antistatic material on the low-pass filter) and removes dust (with high frequency vibrations). So from that time on no picture will be spoiled, and the camera will "serve" you faithfully for many years. The Rebel XSi weighs about 0.475 g, which makes it even more attractive. There are different names for the camera, depending on the region. So, in North America it is Canon EOS Rebel XSi, in Europe is Canon EOS 450D, and in Japan is Canon EOS Kiss X2.

There is a 3.0-inch LCD screen and the ability to view images in details in real time. And moreover, thanks to a new 9-point AF all the "details" of your shots will be displayed clearly and accurately. Once again Canon confirms its excellent reputation.

The Rebel XSi features a 12.2-megapixel CMOS-sensor, which allows shooting at high sensitivity with low noise level. This combination enables high-quality clear pictures, and virtually eliminates the appearance of grain on them.

One more innovation in the Rebel XSi is DIGIC III processor, providing a fast response of the camera. You need only 0.1 second to turn it on. Agree, during the time “no bird will fly” from your image. Moreover, it will not want to do that, because in addition to speed, the camera operates noiselessly. Continuous shooting speed is up to 3.5 frames per second. And DIGIC III is able to handle up to 53 JPEG images and 6 RAW ones.

The Rebel XSi runs great in the hands of both professionals, and those who are just starting their way to the summit of glory in the "world of photography." The camera is apprehensible and easy, and you do not have to puzzle it out all day long so as to understand all the intricacies of its work. The menu, designed with all the preferences and wishes of professional photographers, is designed in the form of a simplified structure of tabs. There is also a special folder "My Menu", where you can save your favorite functions, which henceforth will be always "at hand".

In order to simplify and at the same improve the quality of images the Rebel XSi has user-defined functions. They allow set up your camera in the desired mode, depending on the shooting conditions. The features include:
- Highlight tone priority. An excellent choice for those who are engaged in shooting of weddings. With this function all whites, every crease of a bride’s dress will be reflected in the picture;
- Automatic adjustment of lighting conditions. This function allows you to adjust an image during processing. It specifies brightness and contrast of the image for a particular selected exposure independently;
- Additional noise reduction. This function may be required by those who like to shoot with high ISO sensitivity. View mode is in real time.
The Rebel XSi contains a lot of features and add-ons, which together can give excellent shooting results and take photos with excellent contrast, brightness, sharpness, saturation and color accuracy. All needed information about the selected exposure is reflected during shooting. High-capacity battery, used in the Rebel XSi, allows you to shoot up to 500 images without recharge. Improved PictBridge support enables to adjust the horizon line or apply photo effects directly before image printing.

The Rebel XSi Integrated Cleaning System Dust cleaning system performs three main functions: prevention, elimination and repulsion. Due to the unique arrangement of the internal components dust accumulation is reduced to minimum. And the camera body is designed in such a way that the dust has no chance "to fly inside." But even those dust particles that would still penetrate inside the camera, will be rejected by a low-pass filter with an anti-static material on.

Another protection is provided in the form of a self-cleaning sensor with high-frequency vibrations, which eliminates dust from the infrared filter for less than a second each time when the camera is turned on.

And moreover, Dust Delete Data system automatically detects dust particles on the image sensor when shooting. Traces left on the images can be easily removed with the help of Digital Photo Professional, the latest version of the Rebel XSi firmware.

Picture Style Function
With this feature shooting is not just convenient and enjoyable, but more qualitative. . Picture Style allows you to control image quality. All modes included in this function have been already adjusted as for the level of sensitivity, contrast, colors, etc. However, at your discretion, you can adjust them. With this function you can work taking JPEG format images. In this case no extra configuration is required. If you prefer to create images in the RAW format, then you will use Digital Photo Professional application.

The Picture Style offers several shooting modes: Normal mode allows for bright, natural colors without further image processing; Portrait mode creates the optimal tone and color option, reduces the image sharpness, allowing you to transfer all facial features and achieve a nice color of human skin; Landscape mode is specially designed for natural shooting with the increase of green and blue tones’ saturation, which favorably affects the sharpness of distant objects’ image, such as mountains, trees, forests, fields, etc.; Neutral mode is used when that you want to capture "as is" so that later to carefully process the image; Monochrome mode is for those who like to experiment in this genre, that is to take pictures with one key color (orange, yellow, red and green) and toning effects (sepia, blue, purple and green).

The biggest advantage of the Rebel XSi is its new 3-inch LCD display. Bright and large LCD allows you to control all images, even outdoors in sunny weather. LCD brightness can be adjusted to your liking, zoom in the image and check the correctness of focus for pictures.

Along with the new LCD display it is important to note the Live View function. We can say that paired with the new LCD the Live View has made a revolution among SLR cameras of this class. There are actually two autofocus modes in the Live View. The first one is based on the measurement of camera sensors to set the correct shutter speed and aperture, and the second mode uses the contrast AF system, as all compact cameras do.

To conclude with, the Canon Rebel XSi, designed on the basis of previous Rebel models, may be considered as a feature-rich, low-cost digital SLR that produces images of highest quality.