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Honeywell VISTA-20P

The Honeywell VISTA-20P is a control panel, belonging to a family of security systems of the Honeywell VISTA series. Before it was known as the ADEMCO VISTA-20P, and having been tested by time, it proved its capability of being a reliable and sophisticated security solution with great features.

Externally the VISTA-20P looks like a metal locker, but in fact, there is a circuit board inside which processes the signals coming from security sensors and detectors, and, depending on the information received, it performs further actions (this may be the inclusion of signaling, a call on a mobile phone, supply of an alarm signal, locking or, alternatively, unlocking the front door, the inclusion of video and so on). The VISTA-20P-based solution eliminates the need for multiple independent systems. On the base of this expandable control panel, you can construct a unique system of security and fire alarms, access control, video surveillance, as well as organize a centralized monitoring via radio or via the Internet for your home.

The VISTA-20P becomes a central point of your home security arrangement, which controls the whole system, but if paired with an alarm keypad. You will require at least one such keypad. In addition the VISTA-20P supports eight console keypads of the Honeywell 6150, 6150RF, 6160V types, as well as four touch screen keypads.

In order to adjust a high-performance, feature-rich Honeywell security system just for your home needs, you can connect the VISTA-20P control panel to hardwired alarm devices, wireless receivers, alarm keypads, alarm sirens, and many other additional devices. The control panel itself has eight hardwired zones of protection, but its modular design enables to increase the number of zones of protection up to totally 48 ones with wired or wireless expansion modules added. The number of options for the system is very wide, so as far as you buy the Honeywell VISTA-20P you should learn all its possibilities for creating the best versions to protect your home.

There are two partitions for protecting autonomous areas in the VISTA-20P. It features as well the so-called common partition. You can arm each partition separately or both together. You can set a global arming from any system keypad. And there is also an option to view or operate one partition from the other.

The Honeywell VISTA-20P is quite understandable in installation. All things are marked and the manual gives detailed information you need. If you have knowledge in low-voltage electronics, you will not have problems in installing the VISTA-20P. Otherwise, you can invite an installer and customize the system with him.

In comparison with new wireless alarm systems, the VISTA-20P is an older alarm model, mechanical and relay-based, but it is surely reliable and well-known to users and installers.

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