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Jawbone JAMBOX

Jawbone JAMBOX is a battery-powered portable speaker capable of providing the sound output up to 85 decibells. A very compact device, fitting in the palm, it has dimensions of 6 inches wide, 2.25 inches high, and 1.5 inches deep. The Jambox has the form of a small brick made of stainless steel with rubberized soft-touch coating keeping from slipping on the surface or being broken in case of falling. It looks simple, but at the same time unusually stylish and reliable. It is available in four colors: red, gray, blue, and black.

There are not many functional elements: three buttons on the top, two of which are for volume control, and a multi-purpose one, and on the right side there are two connectors and a switch. Two connectors are responsible for the interaction with the outside world (micro-USB for charging the built-in battery and for software updates, and mini jack to connect to any audio source). The switch is responsible for the operation of the device and its pairing with other gadgets. Concurrently, the switch is an informative indicator of the speaker.

The Jawbone Jambox is positioned first of all as wireless, and this is really its most interesting feature. You activate Bluetooth on both devices, and after a moment the Jambox reproduces a crystal-clear, loud, and legible sound. For a portable acoustic device the sound quality is superb. Due to the lack of wires you can put a little Jambox in any place of your room and enjoy streaming music or listening news or sport events. On the whole, the range of the Jambox Bluetooth is approximately 30 to 40 feet without compromising the audio quality. In general, in terms of sound the producer was a success. The built-in battery charging lasts for 10 hours of continuous music playback.

Well, one more pleasant thing in the Jawbone Jambox is a built-in microphone, which allows you to use the device as a great headset. It is for such cases you need a round button on the top, which is responsible for calls. The built-in microphone makes the speaker suitable for voice communication. You can use this function at home, and you can also arrange a mini-conference at work or in your car. Everything happens quite adequate, with normal speech clearness and noise-free. In this regard, the Jawbone development is something pretty unique.

Moreover, the Jambox claims to be an intellectual speakerphone, as the first network MyTALK platform allows you to extend the functionality of the speaker and integrate into social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc. The Jawbone MyTALK enables to update software, download applications, and the latest technologies, including LiveAudio, an innovative 3-dimensional audio technology for Jambox Bluetooth speaker. With LiveAudio you can not only download new options, but also change settings of the speaker, and customize the device in accord with your preference. LiveAudio is a 3D sound, bringing music, movies and games into your life.

The Jawbone Jambox is an attractive fashionable speaker of compact design with great sound, compatible with any phone, laptop, and tablet equipped with Bluetooth profile A2DP. Naturally, it works perfectly with iPhone and iPad.

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