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Medela Harmony User Manual, 88 pages
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Medela Harmony User Manual, 172 pages
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Pages: 172
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Medela Harmony User Manual, 144 pages
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Medela Harmony

Medela Harmony is a manual breastpump designed by Medela Company, which is a recognized leader in breast equipment worldwide. The Harmony embodies the idea of 2-Phase Expression® technology, developed by Professor Peter Hartmann and his team in 2002. Through innovative investigations Medela has embodied the natural internals of the child body in advanced technologies.

The essence of this new technology is that the breast pump does not only "sucks" the milk, but simulates the natural rhythm of a baby sucking the breast. As researchers found, this rhythm consists of two phases that is why these breast pumps are also called biphasic.

The first phase is stimulation. Frequent and light sucking movements of a baby prepare the body for feeding and result in the milk flow. The second phase is the actual sucking or feeding stage, assuming slow and deep sucking for getting much milk as fast as possible. Like a nursing baby the 2-phase Medela Harmony breastpump treats the mother’s breast with great care, just as a baby would do.

The Harmony breastpump dimensions are 7 inches high, 2.25 inches wide and 7.5 inches deep. This small, hand operated, lightweight (6-oz), portable device with a superior design is very easy to assemble and use. It is equipped with an ergonomic handle hinge that lets you choose the most comfortable hand position. There is a soft massaging funnel SoftFit, which effectively stimulates the breast and halo. The bottle is made of medical polypropylene that does not chemically react with milk.

The Medela Harmony is not intended for frequent use, only for occasional time away from baby.

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