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Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi is the third model of Nintendo DS gaming console series, which received some best features of its predecessors and embodied new exclusive features to advance your skills in playing games and maintaining communication.

Despite the fact that the Nintendo DSi is 4 millimeters thinner and 5 millimeters wider than the Lite, it looks more solid. The outer coating changed from glossy plastic in the Lite to matte rubberized plastic, on the surface of which no fingerprints remain. It is more comfortable now to keep the console in the hands. But the new coating is scratched quite easily, it is better not to wear it in a bag or pocket without a cover.

The Nintendo DSi has two screens. The abbreviation “DS” in the title perhaps mean Dual Screen. The bottom touch-screen is responsive to a stylus attached to the rear of the DSi. Between the screens there is a microphone, which also participates in the console control. The Nintendo design and controls allow you to turn any game into an unforgettable and exciting fun. Your stylus can turn into a pen, with which you can write your poems or solve mathematical problems, you can guide the hero sword or draw the trajectory of a boomerang. With the microphone you can give voice commands and raise the wind, filling the sails of ships as well, and you can put out the fire or inflate bubbles. And when it is necessary, you can use traditional control buttons which are located in the DSi very conveniently.

A rich library of the Nintendo DS series is available for the owners of the DSi, as the format of the game cartridge has not changed. An exception is the Game Boy Advance, as the slot for it, found in both previous versions, unfortunately, is not available in the DSi. The games offered by DS/DSi cover all genres and intended for all ages. The originality of these games is in their educational orientation with the goal to develop creativity, thinking ability, logical thinking skills as well, both for children and adults. Many of these games are exclusives developed under a unique control of Nintendo DS and DSi.

The Nintendo DSi has expanded the DS feature set. It has two cameras, one is outside, the other one is inside of the DSi. Both cameras are capable to take pictures and videos. The improved firmware offered by the DSi contains different media and online applications for you to work with your photos and music. You can take pictures and apply over a dozen of visual effects: you can create a gallery of distorting mirrors or turn into a green-faced alien. It all depends on your imagination! You can slow down or speed up playback, superimpose a lot of sound effects, record samples of your own voice and change them. The Moving Notepad option allows you to create your own cartoons and share them with your friends. With the DSi you possess a boundless freedom of choice in reality. Sorry, but the owners of the DS/DS Lite are unable to upgrade them to the DSi level.

The Nintendo DSi Internet browser is faster than the DS one, as the DSi has 4 times more memory and the clock speed of its CPU is twice higher than of its predecessor. The DSi has retained the support of multiplayer games via the built-in wireless connection or via the Internet (in Wi-Fi zones), and has added an online store - DSi Shop, where you can buy original DSi games for Nintendo Points. For storing the downloaded games and programs the DSi has a built-in memory of 256 megabytes. Photos and music can be stored on SD memory card, supported by the device. Mini SD and Micro SD are supported via adapter.

As for the DSi battery life it can hold a charge up to 14 hours, which compared with the DSLite is rather less. The DSLite can provide almost 19 hours of activity. So you can notice that the device needs to be charged more frequent.

On the whole the Nintendo DSi is an excellent and inexpensive portable gaming console with unique features having no analogues.

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