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Samsung Galaxy 3

The Samsung Galaxy 3, released in July 2010, belongs to the Samsung Galaxy family and is known also as Samsung Galaxy Apollo. This is one more phone that will please fans of the Android operating system, one of the best platforms for today. At that the device features a low cost, which for sure attracts a decent amount of its adherents.

Externally the Samsung Galaxy 3 looks quite familiar to fans of the Korean manufacturer, having rounded corners, a large screen and a pair of metal buttons on the front. Its design cannot be called original or catchy. The dimensions are 2.2 inches wide, 0.5 inches deep and 4.5 inches high, and the weight is 3.84 oz. Short and thick, the device perfectly fits the palm of the hand.

The Galaxy 3 uses a lithium-ion battery with the capacity of 1500mAh. According to the manufacturer, it is enough to work in the talk mode up to 7 hours and in the standby mode up to 350 hours. With an average load you can use it two days without recharging. But to fully charge a battery you will require 4 hours power supply.

The Galaxy 3 supports the GSM network (850/900/1800/1900) and UMTS (900/2100). In addition data transmission via EDGE and HSDPA networks is supported. USB 2.0 connection is suitable for transmitting information to PC. In this case the phone supports three modes: as a removable disk, a modem, or a media player. You can also exchange data wirelessly via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g. The smartphone features 170 MB internal memory, plus support from up to 32GB memory cards. The heart of the Galaxy 3 is the 667MHz processor. It is not very quick, but runs rather effectively.

The Samsung Galaxy 3 features a capacitive touchscreen, supporting multi-touch, which enables you to do multiple finger movements on the screen. For zooming in you can pinch the screen, for zooming out – spread it. In addition you can enter text with the help of virtual keyboard. Diagonally it is 3.2 inches with a resolution of 240x400 pixels. This is the TFT-matrix capable of displaying up to 16 million colors.

There are three buttons under the screen. The left button is for incoming calls, the right one is for back options, and in the center there is an access to the main screen. The backlight is not provided, but when pressing, the vibration is triggered thanks to the front-end touch interface Touchwiz 3.0, used by Samsung in smartphones.

The Galaxy 3 uses version 2.1 of the Google Android Eclair OS, which brings improvements in multi-touch options, user interface, as well as updating Web browser.

There is also the 3.2-megapixel camera without flash, bur equipped with autofocus. The quality of pictures is good, with natural colors and decent level of details, but you should take into account the low cost of the Galaxy 3. The manufacturer has provided a lot of adjustments to improve the quality of images. Various scene modes are offered with automatic settings of the parameters for a shot you are going to take. Shooting modes include single shot; continuous shooting (9 pictures at one time); stitching two shots; panoramic shooting, allowing up to 8-shot stitching together for making up one panoramic photo, detection of smiles, photos on the go. When shooting portraits you can use the timer, setting it for 2.5 or 10 seconds. You can activate on-screen grid and insert the geographical coordinates of the area.

Audio player runs with the music files of the mp3, 3gp, mp4, aac, ogg, wma format. Through the 5.1-channel mode you can expect a more or less decent surrounding sound, lacking only the bass power to some extent.

Although externally the Samsung Galaxy 3 is not very attractive, it offers a rich set of features, has a responsive touch screen, multi-touch support, a good camera, good battery life, excellent communication quality, enabling you to talk on the phone in any environment.
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