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Zoom H4N

The Zoom H4n is a digital portable recording device, designed for high-quality multi-track audio recording in any environment. Excellent built-in studio-quality microphones, availability of 4 independent inputs, and various recording formats permit to record music outside studio, as well as sounds of nature, interview or synchronous sound for films. It is ideal for operation in tandem with a digital SLR camera, which audio path is not usually of high performance. Besides the H4n can well replace the radio system, herewith the quality of the recording will be much better.

The Zoom H4n has a rugged casing and a rubber coating that effectively dampens noise from holding the device or from any touch to the microphone. The complete includes foam windscreens. The H4n sizes are 6.5 inches long, 2.75 inches wide, and almost 1.5 inches thick. Maybe the device is not very small, but it is richly packed with different capabilities and it seems that all imaginable features which you would like to have in a mobile recording device are contained in the Zoom H4n.

The Zoom H4n has three basic modes of recording: stereo, four channel, and multi-track recording. The stereo mode is set by default, and stereo recording is performed via a built-in microphone pair or two external microphones. The four-channel mode implies recording of two separate stereo signals simultaneously from a built-in microphone pair and from two external microphone inputs. In reality it implies stereo recording of a music concert out of the hall and at the same time recording of a clearer sounding from a mixing console. You can record a stereo sound via a couple of built-in stereo microphones in the front and cover the back area with two external microphones, which results in getting a surrounding sound. A multi-track mode resembles the four-channel one, but here every channel operates as an individual track and has its own parameters of volume and effects.

Zoom Corp. offers one more mode, STAMINA, but in fact it concerns not the recording method, but power saving. If the normal operation of standard AA batteries lasts for 4-5 hours, then when in the STAMINA mode, you can record for 10-11 hours at 16 bit/44.1 kHz in the PCM linear format. It should be noted that the STAMINA mode limits you to stereo recording.

It is very easy to verify which mode is on, as there are dedicated LED indicators for each mode located above the display. The H4n recording resolution ranges from a minimum of 48Kbps MP3 and up to a maximum of 24bit/96kHz, which corresponds to the newest standards of professional work with sound.

A special respect is to built-in condenser microphones in the Zoom H4n. They are matched and positioned ideally, both are at an equal distance from the sound source, providing recording without phase shifts. The angle of coverage from 90 up to 120 degrees is adjusted by a simple turn of each of the microphones around its axis, and herewith the microphones do not change their position and configuration of XY.

The Zoom H4n can record sound from external sources. For this the recorder has 4 external inputs, 2 of which are equipped with universal XLR and 1/4-inch microphone jacks and have a function of phantom power of 24v/48v.

The H4n is a professional audio device, capable to work not only in automatic, but in a fully manual mode. For this the recorder features necessary controls and functions. A wonderful informative LCD screen with backlight displays all needed information such as the level of the recorded sound, recording mode, battery indicator, menus and more. The recorded sound is saved on the SD or SDHC memory cards as WAV or MP3 files.

Developed by Japanese ZOOM Corp. the H4n has excellent quality performance, well-thought-out ergonomics and operating reliability.

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