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GPSMAP 700 Series Owner’s Manual

Device Configuration

4. Complete an action:

• Select Navigation Chart Setup > overlay Numbers.
• Select Fishing Chart Setup > overlay Numbers.
• Select overlay Numbers.

5. Select Show Compass Tape.
Using the Speed Filter

The speed filter averages the speed of your boat over a short period of time for smoother speed values.
1. From the Home screen, select Configure > System > GPS.
2. Complete an action:

• Select Speed Filter > on to keep the speed filter on continuously, enter the speed filter time duration

and select Done.

• Select Speed Filter > Auto to allow the unit to provide the optimal performance as required by your

situation, such as traveling at a constant speed or frequently changing speeds.

Other Vessels

You can show and configure information about other vessels for the Navigation chart, the Fishing chart,

Perspective 3D, or Mariner’s Eye 3D.
NoTe: To configure Automatic Identification System (AIS) information for other vessels, your chartplotter

must be connected to an external AIS device.

Viewing a List of AIS Targets

See “Viewing a List of AIS Targets” (

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Configuring the Appearance of Other Vessels

NoTe: The Mariner’s Eye 3D chart is available if you use a BlueChart g2 Vision SD card. The Fishing chart

is available if you use a BlueChart g2 Vision SD card or a BlueChart g2 SD card, or if your built-in map

supports Fishing charts.
1. From the Home screen, select Charts.
2. Select Navigation Chart, Fishing Chart, Perspective 3D, or Mariner’s eye 3D.
3. Select Menu > other Vessels > AIS Display Setup.
4. Complete an action:

• Select AIS List to view a list of AIS targets (

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• Select DSC List to view a log of the most-recent DSC calls and other DSC contacts you have entered


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• Select AIS Display Setup to configure how AIS vessels are shown on a chart (

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• Select DSC Trails to show the tracks of DSC vessels, and select the length of the track that appears

using a trail (

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• Select AIS Alarm to set up a safe-zone collision alarm for AIS vessels (

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Information about Your Boat

Calibrating a Water Speed Device

If you have a speed-sensing transducer, you can calibrate that speed-sensing device.
1. From the Home screen, select Configure > My Boat > Calibrate Water Speed.
2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

NoTe: If the boat is not moving fast enough or the speed sensor is not registering a speed, a “Speed too

low” message appears. Select oK, and safely increase the boat speed. If the message appears again, stop

the boat, and ensure that the speed-sensor wheel is not stuck. If the wheel turns freely, check the cable

connections. If you continue to get the message, contact Garmin Product Support.

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