Image file screen, 28 picturegear pocket menu items – Sony PEG-T615C User Manual

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PictureGear Pocket menu items

Options menu

Preference (available only when you view image files stored in
the Memory Stick media)

Shows the Preference screen.
Tap to select the default image format.

About PictureGear Pocket

Shows the version information of the PictureGear Pocket application.

Image file screen

View menu


Returns to the photo list screen.


Shows detailed information for the image file.


Magnifies the image file. For details, see “Magnifying image files” on
page 16.

First Image

Shows the first image file.

Prev Image

Shows the previous image file.

Next Image

Shows the next image file.

Last Image

Shows the last image file.

Hide tool bar

Hides the tool bar at the bottom of the screen. Tap the image to show
the hidden tool bar.

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