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    When using an electrical appliance, basic precaution must always be followed, including the following: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING THIS MACHINE. This machine is for commercial use. 1. Use only as described in this manual. Use only manufacturer’s recommended
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    THIS PRODUCT IS FOR COMMERCIAL USE ONLY.ELECTRICAL: In the USA this machine operates on a standard15 amp 115 volt A.C. power circuit nominal). Special voltage models are available for interna-tional applications. The amp, hertz and voltageare listed on the
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    Adjust brush to proper cleaning position by using lever located on the front of the frame. Start at No. 1 “new brush” (black) position. If more carpet pile agitation is desired, lower brush setting one posi-tion at a time. (See fig. 1 below) Fig. 1 Model
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    Preparing the SPIRIT DUAL: For Hard Floor: 1.) Install the optional kit : Vac Shoe Squeegee (p/n 02285). Raise the SPD vac shoe and place the squeegeeassembly over the vac shoe intake. Center the squeegeeon the vac shoe and secure by tightening the two retain-ing
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    SPIRIT 1. A. NOTE: Starting the machine with dry brush rest- ing on floor may trip the brush motor circuitbreaker. 10. 11. 12. An overflow of foam from in the recovery tank into the vacuum intake can damage the motor. Always be aware of the waste water level
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    15.) Ventilate the room when cleaning has been completed. Keep all traffic off the floor until it is thoroughly dry. 16.) When done cleaning for the day bring the machine to a utility sink and floordrain. Perform the daily/regular maintenance. Set the recovery
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    This product contains moving parts. To reduce the risk of injury; unplug the machine before servicing. Maintenance and repairs must be doneby qualified personnel ONLY. CAUTION: Using non-Windsor parts to repair thismachine will void the 6-3-1 warranty. Warranty
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    Periodic Maintenance: These procedures are performed by atrained service technician. The regularity ofthese procedures may depend on the ma- chine's use. 1.) 4.) 5.) 6.) Flush the system with a special solution to reduce scaling (alkaline build-up). Use
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    Troubleshooting Chart Condition Corrective Action No Power To Machine:Dead electrical circuit breaker in fuse box Faulty power cord Power switch failure Faulty circuit breaker Internal wiring problem Electrical Shock:Equipment not grounding Receptacle not
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    Troubleshooting Chart Condition Corrective Action Accessory Tool Fitting Difficult to Connect: Corrosion on fitting Floor Not Getting Clean:Severe soil conditions Floor Too Wet: Worn spray jet(s) Floor Not Getting Wet:Solution filter screen clogged Spray
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    Servicing the Vac Motor To access the vac motor first remove the solution tank. There are (2) screws which attach thevac motor mounting bracket to the chassis. Loosen the clamp to remove the hose. To replacethe motor assembly it will be necessary to remove
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    Vac Shoe Assembly Reverse 10 13
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    RECOVERY ASSEMBLY List RECOVERY TANK PARTS LIST; 2 87013 Washer, Flat 3 73280 Spacer, 1/4 ID x 3/8 Nylon 4 38088 Handle, Recovery Tank 5 75078 Tank, Recovery 6 14042 1.63 ID Snap 7 39343 Hose, 1.5 x 34” Vac 8 39411 Hose, 1.5 x Vac 9 27079 Cuff, White 1.5
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    Spray Jets Rinse in hot water or use compressed air toclean. Nozzles can also be soaked in an acetic acid solution (white vinegar). CAUTION: Do not use pins or wires to cleanor unclog jets.Using wires orpins to unclog jets may ruin spray pattern. Replace
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    Ground Arrangement See page 4 for panel configuration 18 SPD 98353
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    2 3 4 57104 Open 89114 Nut, 10-32 w/Star Washer Wheel, 10” 602252 41236 Hub Cap, Shaft 6 70249 Scr, x 1.25 HHMS 7 89 73636 7359651193 Spacer, 5/16 x 1.2” Spacer, x 1” Linkage, Handle Adjustment 11 38269 41302 Handle, SPD IIHousing, Solution Lever 1213 1415
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    To access the belt removethe belt cover. To replace the belt it isnecessary to loosen the motorand remove the brush. The “preset” belt tension is correctwhen the motor and beltsecurely back in place. Check pulleyalignment andcorrect if necessary. The brush
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    BRUSH DRIVE ASSEMBLY Parts List 2 3 4 6 78 9 10 11 1213 14 09019 70078 03089 140080 140081 140156 87146 3616670190 73181 70201 41296 7001187025 70020 Bearing, Brush Shoulder bolt, OD x L Axle, Pulley Brush, SPD Carpet Brush, SPD Hard Floor Brush, SPD Hard
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    Vac Motor Assemblv Roller 22
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    Vac Motor Roller Assembly
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    SPIRIT DUAL Squeegee Assembly 24 To attach to the SPIRIT DUAL... the SPD vac shoe and install squeegee assembly over the vac shoe intake. Center the squeegee on the vac shoe and se- cure by tightening the two retaining knobs.
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    SPR WIRING DIAGRAM 98353 7/1/97 25
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    LIMITED WARRANTY Windsor Industries, Inc. warrants new machines against defects in material and workmanshipunder normal use and service to the original purchaser. The warranty period is subject to theconditions stated below. 3 YEARS FOR PARTS AND I YEAR

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