Operation – Yamaha F25 User Manual

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Do not attach the lanyard to clothing
that could tear loose. Do not route the
lanyard where it could become entan-
gled, preventing it from functioning.

Avoid accidentally pulling the lanyard
during normal operation. Loss of engine
power means the loss of most steering
control. Also, without engine power, the
boat could slow rapidly. This could
cause people and objects in the boat to
be thrown forward.


Place the throttle grip in the “

(start) position.


Place the choke knob in the “

(start) position. After the engine starts, re-
turn the knob to the “

” (run) position.


When restarting a warm engine, place the
choke knob in the “

” (run) position.

If the choke knob is left in the “

” (start)

position while the engine is running, the en-
gine will run poorly or stall.


Pull the manual starter handle slowly until
you feel resistance. Then give a strong
pull straight out to start the engine. Re-
peat if necessary.


After the engine starts, slowly return the
manual starter handle to the original posi-
tion before releasing it.


Slowly return the throttle grip to the fully
closed position.


When the engine is cold, it needs to be
warmed up. For further information, see
page 23.

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