Display messages, Copy protection (scms), E-21 – Yamaha MDX-E100 User Manual

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As a digital audio component, this MD recorder
conforms with the Serial Copy Management System
(SCMS) standards. The Serial Copy Management
System restricts copies made by recording digital signals
to first-generation copies only. Therefore, an MD
recorded through a digital input cannot be used as a
source for making another digital recording.

Can’t copy

Digital recording cannot be performed. (See “COPY
PROTECTION (SCMS)” on this page.)

Can’t edit!

Edit operations are not possible.

Can’t REC!

Recording is not possible. The loaded disc may be
protected or there may not be enough blank space
remaining on the disc.

Can’t REC

Recording is not possible. The loaded disc may be

DIG in Unlock

No digital signal is being input to the selected digital
input jack.

TMP Over!!

The temperature of the unit has exceeded the normal
operating temperature. Turn off the unit and let it cool
down. If the unit is installed in a place with little
ventilation (such as a built in bookcase), move the unit
to another location with better ventilation.

Disc Full

Recording is not possible because there is no blank
space remaining on the disc.

Title Full!

Additional characters cannot be input for the current
title because the maximum number of characters for a
single title (250) has already been input.

UTOC W Error

Error occurred when writing to the UTOC.

Not Audio

The inserted disc is not an audio MD.

Tr Protected

The selected track cannot be edited because it is

TOC Full

The disc area allotted for TOC data has become full and
further editing is not possible.

UTOC Err L0~4

Problem involving UTOC data.


TOC Writing

The TOC data is being written to the disc. Do not move
the unit or pull out the mains lead. If you do, recorded
material may not be saved normally.

TOC Reading

The unit is reading the TOC data.


The record protection on the inserted MD is set to

PlayBack MD

The inserted MD is a designed for playback only (you
cannot record on this disc).

Monitor Out

The monitor out function is active. The audio signal
input to the selected input terminals is output from this
unit’s output terminals.

No Track

Blank disc is played or searched.

Care of MDs

• Do not expose the MD to direct sunlight or heat

sources such as hot air ducts, nor leave it in a car
parked in direct sunlight as there can be a
considerable rise in temperature inside the car.

• Periodically remove dust and debris from the cartridge

surface by wiping it with a dry cloth.

• Because the MD itself is housed in a cartridge, you

can handle it normally without being concerned about
dirt or fingerprints. However, malfunctioning may
result if the cartridge itself is dirty or warped.

Do not open the shutter on the MD cartridge

Trying to force the shutter open will damage the shutter.