Operating precautions – Yamaha CRW4416SX User Manual

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Operating Precautions


Operating Precautions

Do not subject CRW4416SX to impact or shock when in use.
This may impair recording or playback.

Do not place heavy objects on CRW4416SX.

Avoid moving CRW4416SX from cold to warm places, and
avoid sudden room temperature rises, as condensation that
could cause CRW4416SX to malfunction may occur.
If condensation does occur, wait at least one hour before oper-
ating CRW4416SX.

Do not let liquid or other foreign objects enter CRW4416SX.

To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not expose
CRW4416SX to rain or moisture.

Always remove the disc before transporting CRW4416SX.

CRW4416SX uses an optical pickup that is sensitive to dust
and dirt. Make sure that the disc tray and disc are free of dust
and dirt before loading.

Use only the power cable supplied. Other cables may cause
interference when CRW4416SX is used near to radio and tele-
vision equipment.

CRW4416SX should be connected only to an AC receptacle of
the type described in this User Guide or as marked on the rear
panel of CRW4416SX.

Use a soft dry cloth to clean CRW4416SX. Stubborn dirt can
be removed using a cloth dampened with water and neutral
detergent solution. Do not use benzine or solvent based clean-
ers on CRW4416SX.