Flash photography support functions, Flash compensation – Nikon SB-910 User Manual

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Flash Photography Support Functions

Flash compensation

Exposure compensation for a fl ash-illuminated subject without affecting
background exposure can be achieved by adjusting the SB-910’s fl ash output level.

Some plus compensation may be necessary to make the main subject brighter,

and some minus compensation to make it darker.
Flash compensation is possible in i-TTL, auto aperture flash, non-TTL auto flash

and distance-priority manual flash modes.

Press function button 2

to highlight the fl ash
compensation value.

Rotate the selector dial to set

desired fl ash compensation

The compensation value can be set in

1/3 EV steps from +3.0 EV to −3.0 EV.

Press the [OK] button.


Canceling fl ash compensation

To cancel, rotate the selector dial to return the compensation value to “0.”

Flash compensation cannot be canceled by simply turning the SB-910 off.


For digital SLR cameras with a built-in fl ash featuring the fl ash

compensation function

The flash compensation can also be set on the digital SLR camera with a built-in

flash. For details, see the camera user’s manual.
If the flash is compensated on both the camera and the Speedlight, the flash

output is modified by the sum total of both compensation values. In this case, the
SB-910’s LCD panel shows only the compensation value set on the SB-910.