Disconnecting your computer – Sony DPF-D1010 User Manual

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When the [AutoPlay] window
appears on the computer display,
click [Open folder to view files].

If the [AutoPlay] window does not appear,
click [Computer (My Computer)] in the
Start menu, then open the removable disc.


Move the cursor in this window and
right-click, then click [New] -

Name this new folder. In this manual, the
folder name “sony” is used as an example.


Double-click to open this “sony”


Open the folder that contains the
image files you want to copy, and
copy the image files by using drag-


• When saving images from a computer in the

internal memory, make a folder in the internal
memory and save the images in this folder. If you
do not make a folder, you can only save up to 512
images. In addition, the number of images may be
reduced depending on the file name length or
character type.

• If you edit or save an image file on a computer, the

shooting date of the file may be changed or erased.
In this case, images may not be displayed in order
of the shooting date on the index image display.

• When images from the computer are saved in the

internal memory of the photo frame, the image files
are saved without being compressed. As a result,
fewer images may be able to be saved to the internal
memory of the photo frame.

• Image files made or edited on a computer may not

be displayed. Image files set to “Read Only” on a
computer cannot be deleted on the photo frame.
Cancel “Read Only” before saving image files from
a computer on the photo frame.

Disconnect the USB cable or turn the photo
frame off after disconnecting the photo frame
from your computer.



on the Task Tray.



(USB Mass Storage

Device) - [Stop].


Click [OK] after checking the drive
you want to remove.

Disconnecting your computer

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