Sony MZ-NF810CK User Manual

Net md simple burner ver. 1.1, For net md walkman, Overview

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Net MD
Simple Burner
Ver. 1.1

for Net MD Walkman


How to Install

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For details on the operation of a Net MD, refer to the Net MD
Operating Instructions.


This manual explains Net MD Simple Burner software installation for use with a Net MD. This
software makes it easy to record tracks from an audio CD in the CD-ROM drive of a PC to an
MD in the Net MD. Net MD Simple Burner also allows you to do MD editing operations from
your computer, such as labeling or erasing tracks, etc.
For details on Net MD Simple Burner operations, refer to the Operating Instructions supplied
with the Net MD Simple Burner software.
For details on the use of the Net MD, refer to the Operating Instructions supplied with your
Net MD.


• The illustrations in this manual may differ from the actual software.
• Explanations in this manual assume that you are familiar with basic operations of Windows. For how to

use your computer and operating system, please refer to the respective manuals.

System requirements

The following hardware and software are required in order to use the Net MD Simple Burner
software for the Net MD.


IBM PC/AT or Compatible

Operating System

Factory installed:
Windows XP Home Edition/Windows XP Professional/Windows
Millennium Edition/Windows 2000 Professional/Windows 98 Second


High Color (16 bit) or greater, 800


480 dots or more (800


600 dots or

more is recommended)


Internet access: for software upgrades and CDDB2 use

This software is not supported by the following environments:

• Macintosh
• Windows XP versions other than Home Edition or Professional
• Windows 2000 versions other than Professional
• Windows 98 versions other than Second Edition
• Windows NT
• Windows 95
• Personally constructed PCs or operationg systems
• An environment that is an upgrade of the original manufacturer-installed operating system
• Multi-boot environment
• Multi-monitor environment


• We do not ensure trouble-free operation for all computers that satisfy the system requirements.
• We do not ensure trouble-free operation of the system suspend, sleep, or hibernation function on all


• CD-ROM drive (capable of digital playback by WDM)
• Sound Board
• USB port (supports USB 2.0 Full Speed (previously USB 1.1))

• CPU: Pentium II 400 MHz or higher (Pentium III 450 MHz or higher

is recommended.)

• Hard disk drive space: 120 MB or more
• RAM: 64 MB or higher (128 MB or higher is recommended.)

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