Note, Receiving an incoming call (standby mode) – Panasonic DATA LINK KX-TCL100-B User Manual

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After use, slide the POWER
switch OFF.

oAt the end of your session,

the modem will hang-up the

phone line and the unit will

enter the standby mode.

If you are not going to start
another modem session,

turn the remote unit OFF to

conserve the battery life.


©When the remote unit is placed on the base unit, the unit will not


о If you are going to operate the unit for a long time, charge the battery

fully before use.

о If the ВАТТ LOW/CHARGE indicator starts to flash while in use, do not

place the remote unit on the base unit to charge, or communication will
be disconnected. Instead, terminate communications first, then place the

remote unit on the base unit to charge.

о We recommend you purchase an optional AC adaptor (p. 18) for the

remote unit in order to use the unit for long periods of time.

Receiving an incoming call (Standby Mode)

You may receive incoming data using this unit. Open the application
software that you intend to use for the incoming call and prepare to

manually answer the call using the application software. When you hear

the phone ring at the remote unit, answer it manually.

This unit will not answer incoming cails automatically.