Base unit indicator, Charge indicator – Panasonic DATA LINK KX-TCL100-B User Manual

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Base unit indicator

CHARGE indicator


The remote unit’s battery is being charged. This is

normal when the remote unit is on the base unit.


The base unit is in the standby mode.

o|f the remote unit is connected to the optional AC adaptor (p. 18):

—When the remote unit is placed on the base unit, the CHARGE

indicator will not light.

—When the unit is not communicating, the battery is charged by the

optional AC adaptor.

IN USE indicator


An active connection has been made between the

base unit and the remote unit.

Green rapidly

When the remote unit is turned on, the Indicator will

flash rapidly for about 30 seconds.

Green slowly

The signal is weak. Move the remote unit closer to the
base unit quickly and adjust the antenna. If the

indicator does not light steady green, communication

between the remote unit and the base unit will be
terminated within 40 seconds.


The base unit is in the standby mode.