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Service Manual Electrolux - EDC47130W

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Summary of Contents

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    user manual sensor dry 7kg condenser dryer EDC47130W EMAN_EDC4713OW_Feb09.indd 1 16/3/09 11:26:44 AM
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    we were thinking of you when we made this product EMAN_EDC4713OW_Feb09.indd 2 16/3/09 11:26:45 AM
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    electrolux contents 3 Congratulations Congratulations and thank you for choosing our EDC47130W tumble dryer. We are sure you will find your new tumble dryer a pleasure to use. Before you use your tumble dryer, we recommend that you read through the whole
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    4 safety information electrolux In the interest of your safety and to ensure the correct use, before installing and first using the appliance, read this user manual carefully, including its hints and warnings. To avoid unnecessary mistakes and accidents,
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    electrolux safety information 5 Risk of Fire! Installation • This appliance is heavy. Care should be taken when moving it. • When unpacking the appliance, check that it is not damaged. If in doubt, do not use it and contact the Service Centre. • All packing
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    6 product description | control panel electrolux 1 Control panel2 Lint filters3 Rating Plate4 Condenser unit5 Water tank6 Adjustable feet Product Description 1 1 2 3 4 4 4 4 5 2 2 3 4 5 6 6 Control panel 1 Program selector dial2 Delicate button3 Textile
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    electrolux use 7 First Use • Ensure that the electrical connections comply with the installation instructions. • Remove the polystyrene block and any material from the drum. • Before using your tumble dryer for the first time, we recommend that you place
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    8 use electrolux At the end of the program the selector dial must be turned to position O, to switch the machine off. Attention! If you turn the program selector dial to another program when the machine is working, the lights or the program progress display
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    electrolux use 9 In both cases the Start/Pause button flashes to remind you that the start button needs to be pressed again. Indicator lights These lights indicate the following functions: Drying light This light indicates that the appliance is in the drying
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    10 drying hints electrolux Before loading the laundry Never tumble dry the following: Particularly delicate items such as net curtains, woollens, silk, fabrics with metal trim, nylon tights, bulky materials such as anoraks, blankets, eiderdowns, sleeping
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    electrolux drying programs 11 Drying programs Program Type of laundry Description of program Extra Cotton Drying thick or multi-layered textiles, e.g. terry towelling items. Cupboard Cotton Thorough drying of fabrics of even thickness, e.g. terry towelling
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    12 care and cleaning electrolux Do not be alarmed by the amount of fluff. It is not due to excessive wear caused by the dryer. All fabric loses fluff when drying but it goes unnoticed in the air. In a tumble dryer it simply collects in the filter. After
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    electrolux care and cleaning 13 Do not use the appliance without filters. Cleaning the condenser unit Clean the condenser when the light Condenser comes on. The condenser is situated at the lower part of the cabinet behind a small door. To open the door,
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    14 care and cleaning electrolux The tank must be re-inserted correctly. After emptying and inserting the tank the Start/ Pause button has to be depressed again to allow the program to continue. Handy tip: The condensed water may be used in a steam iron or
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    electrolux something not working 15 Something not working Certain problems are due to lack of simple maintenance or oversights, which can be solved easily without calling out an engineer. Before contacting your local Service Centre, please carry out the
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    16 something not working | technical data | consumption values electrolux If you are unable to identify or solve the problem, contact our service centre. Before phoning, make a note of the model, serial number and purchase date of your machine: the Service
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    electrolux installation 17 Once in its permanent operating position, check that the dryer is absolutely level with the aid of a spirit level. If it is not, raise or lower the feet until it is. The feet must never be removed. Do not restrict the floor clearance
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    18 installation | environment concerns electrolux Packaging materials The materials marked with the symbol are recyclable. >PE<=polyethylene >PS<=polystyrene >PP<=polypropylene This means that they can be recycled by disposing of them properly
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    electrolux warranty 19 This document sets out the terms and conditions of product warranties for the Electrolux EDC47130W Tumble Dryer. It is an important document. Please keep it with your proof of purchase documents in a safe place for future reference
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    20 safety instructions Electrolux Home Products Australia telephone: 1300 363 640 fax: 1800 350 067 email: web: Electrolux Home Products New Zealand phone: 09 573 2384 fax: 09 573 2221 email:

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