Philips GenieDB User Manual

Philips Mobile Phones

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In choosing the

, you have chosen one of the most fully featured, flexible

and user friendly dual band mobile phones available on the market today.

Voice controlled features and the integrated vibrator ensure that your product is
easy and discreet to use, and the innovative carousel menu navigation and unique
emotion icons make its use enjoyable and fun.

Using a dual band product multiplies your communication possibilities as it will
automatically function on the most suitable GSM 900 or DCS1800 network band
widths, where roaming agreements have been established between operators, pro-
viding you with the highest communication quality. Where available, EFR
(Enhanced Full Rate) transmissioin vocoder, also ensures excellent sound quality.

A full line of Philips authentic accessories has been specially developed to facilitate
and maximise the performance of your mobile phone, ranging from spare batteries
to fast travel chargers, cigarette lighter adapters, desktop chargers, hands-free car
kits and headsets.

Philips would like to thank you for having purchased our product and you can be
assured that it has been specifically designed and fully tested with the highest quali-
ty standards in mind, and we are confident that you it will give you full satisfaction.

Please read you user manual for full explanations and helpful information on how
to get the best use out of your


Cellular Product Management Team

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