Bill schultz – Fender LTB Portable Sound System User Manual

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Fender Musical Instruments
7975 North Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85258 U.S.A.

Fender knows the importance of sound reinforcement. From the simple box-top mixer
to today's professional touring concert systems, the need to communicate, to make the
connection between the performer and the audience is foremost in Fender's mind.

Perhaps no other single piece of gear can make or break your band's sound. You see,
your sound system is more than just a combination of dials, wires and speakers. It is
an integral part of the audio chain and should be treated with special care and attention
to detail.

At Fender, we know what building quality musical instruments and sound reinforcement
equipment is all about. In fact, many of the world's best sounding electric musical
instruments and sound reinforcement equipment proudly wear the Fender name.

Whether you need a simple box top powered mixer for your Saturday afternoon jam, or
a professional full-size concert system, Fender has the sound reinforcement equipment
to meet your needs. Likewise, your decision to purchase Fender pro audio gear is one
you will appreciate with each performance for years to come.

Wishing you years of enjoyment and a heartfelt thank you,

Bill Schultz
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation

Bill Schultz